Thursday, May 24, 2012

We Remember

As we head into Memorial Day Weekend 2012 we remember all the men and women who gave their lives while serving in the US Armed Forces.  It also marks the beginning of summer for most of us.  This holiday ironically serves as a wrap up holiday for the sports season.  Football has ended.  Hockey and basketball are wrapping up.  It's the dog days of baseball season.  What sport fans have left are golf tournaments and race cars.  To put it nicely, it's the beginning of the slow season up until September.  So let's remember what has happened these past few months and take a look ahead to what's coming up this weekend.

January 2012
The NBA has a lockout but still decides to play 66 games
New York Rangers won the Winter Classic in Philadelphia
Alabama defeated LSU in the "Rematch" for the BCS National Championship
Tim Tebow takes over the NFL
The Legendary Joe Paterno passes on after the crazy saga of Jerry Sandusky and PSU

February 2012
The Giants once again defeat the Patriots in the Super Bowl
10 year anniversary of the greatest basketball game every played...ever
The Daytona 500

March 2012
NCAA Division 1 Brackets were announced
Peyton Manning signs with the Denver Broncos

April 2012
Opening Day of MLB
Kentucky wins it all in NCAA hoops
The Masters
NHL Playoffs Begin!
Bobby Petrino couldn't keep it in his pants, then lied about it
Boston Marathon and the Penn Relays
NFL Schedule Release and the first round of the NFL Draft
NBA Playoffs Begin!

May 2012
Junior Seau dies and Bounty Gate explodes
Kentucky Derby and the Preakness
The Avengers

While we all plan where we are going to vacation, there are still plenty of things to look forward to this holiday weekend!

Miami Heat could win the series over Indiana and go to the Eastern Conference Finals, if not, both this series and the Celtics/76ers Game 7s will be played Saturday!

The New Jersey Devils look to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals in game 6 at home vs. the Rangers.  If not, game 7 will be Sunday back at Madison Square Garden.

Like I mentioned, 76ers and Celtics and possibly Heat and Pacers, both game 7s.

Devils and Rangers potential Game 7
The Indianapolis 500
Oklahoma City Thunder head to San Antonio to take on the Spurs in game 1 of the WCF
NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Charlotte
French Open of Tennis begins

Colonial Golf Tournament
Every baseball team plays each day Friday through Sunday