Gainer is reppin hard the whiteness that is Tyler Zeller
Possessing the mind and skills to make Boomer's dreams a reality, Gainer discovered Blogger and got to work setting up the Rock site that we all know and love today.  Being a transplant Ohio resident for most of his life, Gainer has grown to appreciate this state and now calls Ohio his home.  With a general bandwagon passion for the Ohio State Buckeyes, a previous working relationship with the Columbus Blue Jackets, and now settled in the Cleveland area, Gainer is relishing the opportunity to embrace the overall terrible-ness that is Ohio professional sports.

Gainer graduated from the University of Charleston in 2009 then completed his graduate work at the University of Louisville in 2011.  He talks a big game about running while freely admitting his desire to actually run comes and goes.  Perhaps one day Gainer will no longer have to worry about getting to 200 pounds but until then, the world awaits...