Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cavs Corner: Is that hope I smell?

Holy crap!  The Cavs actually played halfway decent basketball!  Over the past four games, the Cavs won three which included three in a row!  I CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!  This video ironically involves a Cleveland team and is one of the classic lines in cinema history.  Heck, even Chipper Jones quoted it this past All-Star Game before the game started.

Until they crapped the bed last night at home versus Golden State.  Ahhh, the sweet taste of reality.  If you can believe it, the Cavs are actually 8-10 over the past 18 games.  The past week they defeated Boston (when they still had Rondo, giggle), Milwaukee, and Toronto.  During that three game span, Kyrie Irving averaged 35 points a game.  That's a lot.  The team now sits at 13-33 and that's good for third to worst in the NBA.  Somehow they are still only nine games out from the eight seed.  Will it happen?  Highly doubtful unless more moves are made.  Wait, more moves you ask?  Yes sir.  Last time I begged GM Chris Grant to start wheeling and dealing and he finally pulled through for me.  What happened?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boomer's Gridiron Notes: Why I will be rooting for the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII

Sunday Night at 6:30pm EST, Super Bowl XLVII, down in the Big Easy.
SUPER BOWL WEEK! With the playing of the 2013 Pro Bowl Game,  one more game is left to play in this the 93rd season of the NFL. Super Bowl XLVII, between the Baltimore Ravens (AFC) & the San Francisco 49ers (NFC) with plenty of story lines, should be an entertaining game to watch down in New Orleans inside the famous Louisiana Superdome. Currently, the 49ers are a 3.5 point favorite in this one.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Boomer Report: Is this the last NFL Pro Bowl & the Browns continue to add pieces

This year's NFL Pro Bowl might just be the final one.
The 2013 NFL Pro Bowl, is this weekend (Sunday Night at 7pm on NBC) if anyones interested in tuning it and the Browns hire a former-Head Coach to call the plays on offense, along with adding to the coaching staff, as well as the front office.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Stars coming to town in 2015 & Harbaugh (Super) Bowl

Great American Ball Park, the host for the 2015 MLB All-Star Game.
Well, what a pleasant surprise last night. The reported announcement from MLB commissioner, Bud Selig, that the 2015 MLB All-Star Game will be played at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cavs Corner: We're Only Halfway??

Walton and Zeller exemplify the whiteness, holla!
After a gross 1-4 final, long road trip of the season, the Cavs will head back to the Q at 10-32 on the season.  I won't beat around the bush here any longer.  I was hopeful to start the season but it's now blatantly obvious.  The Cavs are terrible.  They are easily on pace to be a top 5, if not top 3, perhaps even the number 1 overall pick in this year's NBA Draft.  At 42 games, the Cavs have played more games than most teams.  Some teams have only played 37 games.  Furthermore, of the 42 games, the Cavs have played only 16 at home!  Is in an all encompassing explanation?  Ha, no because even at 4-12 at home so far, the team still stinks.  To me, it almost gives this team a pass.  We expected better but next year is year three of the rebuild.  It truly is a process and since LeBron ain't walking through that door any time soon, the team is slowly developing their young players.  Well at least not until next summer...ssssss

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boomer Report: Browns fans need to embrace changes

Rod Chudzinski, answering questions last week, following the Browns
announcement of hiring him as their new Head Coach.
Like the classic 90's hit from the late-rapper Tupac "Changes", the Cleveland Browns organization, face another wave of changes. As a lifelong Browns fan, there is always feelings of "pessimism" surrounding the Browns franchise, especially since their return to the NFL in 1999, which has resulted in two winning seasons, and one playoff berth. I'm here now, to offer you all some "optimism" with the Browns recent changes, and look at things with a positive spin, because as a Browns fan, I've sure had enough of cheering for a losing organization over the years. It's time for "changes" to be embraced and viewed in a positive way. HERE WE GO BROWNS, HERE WE GO! #chudthesavior

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Ranting about the WBC & Conference Championship Weekend in the NFL

Seriously, do we need to do this?
Hello! Family & friends, I bring to you once again my weekly post from the diamond & gridiron, with the latest topics of discussion from the two sports. This week, with a little help from "The Rock" co-founder/creator, we will discuss the 2013 World Baseball Classic (spoiler alert: what's the World Baseball Classic?), along with Boomer's take on this weekends NFL Conference Championship games.  Hold on everyone just a little bit longer till spring is here with, baseball, blue skies, and half-naked co-ed's, ooops, did I say that last one out loud? HHEEEEYYYYYOOOOOO!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CBJ 2013 Schedule Breakdown

The Blue Jackets home opener is next Monday night against everyone's favorite Detroit Red Wings.  Because of the lockout, the team is offering a buy one, get one ticket free.  If you buy online, Ticketmaster is also waiving any ticket fees normally done through their site.  You also get the following:

Season ticket holders get a little more throughout the season for sticking with the club through 1.5 lockouts.  In fact this game is even on NBC Sports Network.  What's that?  A nationally televised game? Are you serious? WAHOOOOOOOO.  

What are my expectations?  Similar to the Cavs, I have high hopes but mixed expectations.  I said the Cavs could potentially go 41-41 and they are obviously probably going to struggle to win 20-25 games.  With that being said, our friend Boomer predicted a 20-22-6 season.  That would total 46 points and most likely fall in the 10th-14th place range.  I'll go one step further and say 21-20-7 for 49 points.  Look for several OT losses (and wins) this year due to the style of play this team is destined to play.  I envision frequent one goal games that could go either way.  The closer they are to 50 points, the closer they are to the 8th spot (based on my estimation that 55 points will get you in which is based on the 1994-95 48 game lockout season)

Okay, let's get into it...Red are home games, black are away games.

Monday, January 14, 2013

The 2013 Blue Jackets: We'll Never Be Outworked

I really like this John Davidson.  He brings a voice to the franchise that has never been seen/heard around these parts in its franchise's existence.  There's an expectation in the locker room and this season is going to be a blast to rally around especially with this group.!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Boomer's Urban Renewal: Alabama reaches "Dynasty" status

Nick Saban's created a modern day Dynasty down in 'Bama,
winning his 3rd BCS Title in four years with the Tide.
With Monday Night's no contest against Notre Dame (winning 42-14), The Crimson Tide of Alabama became a modern day "Dynasty" in college football, winning their third BCS Title in four years. The first team to do it since the Nebraska Cornhuskers ('94-'95, '97). Roll Tide has taken over the college football landscape with Head Coach Nick Saban, who won his fourth BCS Championship (three with 'Bama, one with LSU '03). Now, as we move a year closer to the playoff system that will be established following the 2014 season, dare I say Alabama will be the favorites next season to continue the SEC's dominance & capture another BCS Title, in the final year of the BCS era. (I'm sure a certain coach/team will have a say in the matter, located in the capital city of THE great state of Ohio).

Cavs Corner: January Blues

Embedded image permalink
Andy after surgery (posted on his Twitter account) with the doctor

Welp I called it.  His knee contusion was just a LITTLE bit more than that.  Having a torn muscle must feel like crap.  The team will now be without his services for nearly two months.  Here's hoping to a speedy recovery because at age 30 with some serious mileage on that body, things don't get any easier.  He'll have missed 100+ games over the past two seasons once he returns and basically his trade value is gone.  Hindsight is 20/20 but when he was on fire to start the year, the Cavs should have traded him!  Oh well.  Better luck next year I suppose...

Crazily enough, since last time, the Cavs went exactly like I thought and finished the past five games at 2-3 and are 4-5 over the past nine games.  Is that improvement I see??  With wins over Charlotte (buzzer beater!) and a convincing win (16 points!) last night over "we-have-your-number-for-some-reason" Atlanta Hawks.  The team had ample chances to defeat the Seattle SuperSonics, oops, I mean Sacramento Kings last week but couldn't finish them off late in the game.  As predicted, Houston and Chicago both stomped the crap out of the Cavs.

What's been the difference?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Boomer Report: A "Dream" Coaching Staff for the Cleveland Browns

The Browns original Head Coach, Paul Brown diagraming,
arguably what looks like, an unstoppable
passing play back in the glory days.
It's been 11 days since the Browns newly established front office, showed Head Coach Pat Shurmur & staff the door, making him the 5th full-time coach to be let go or leave (BUTCH DAVIS!) since the team's return to the NFL in 1999.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: MLB Hall of Fame announcement & Divisional round in the NFL Playoffs

Early polls have Houston Astros great,
Craig Biggio elected into the Baseball
Hall of Fame later this afternoon.
The end of college football, conference play heating up in college basketball, the NBA, the START of the NHL season, and the NFL Divisional round playoffs, could mean only one thing, BASEBALL IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Guess who's back, back again, the NHL's back, tell a friend


Thad Minute: Update on Buckeye hoops, as conference play gets underway

Head Coach Thad Matta will have his work cut-out for him,
as the Buckeye Men's team enters a tough stretch of games.
Greetings! Hope everyone got back into their regular routine (reality) following the holiday season. The last time we discussed the Men's & Women's Buckeyes basketball teams they were both coming off tough defeats on the road in their Big10/ACC Challenges. Stay with me for a little bit, while I recap the month of December and the current status of the two teams as conference play got underway this past week. 3....2....1....BUCKETS!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Boomer's Urban Renewal: Final week of the CFB bowl season

Since 1936, Alabama (9) & Notre Dame (8) have won the most
National Championships. On Monday night, one of them
will add to their collection.
Two historic programs square off against each other down in Miami, Monday night for the 2013 BCS Championship. Notre Dame the #1 team in the land looks to finish off their season with a perfect 13-0, and win their first National Championship since 1988, are led by third-year HC Brian Kelly. While, the Tide of Alabama look to garner "Dynasty" status, by winning their 3rd National Championship in the past four years, under Head Coach Nick Saban.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Boomer Report: Browns (again) await the "rebuilding" process

CEO Joe Banner & team owner Jimmy Haslam III are the next,
dynamic duo in charge of (finally) turning the Browns
into yearly contenders.
 Since their return to the league in 1999, the Browns have had five Head Coaches (not including an interim for 5 games in '04), once again are in search for lucky #6 to take the helm, and become the Head Coach that finally turns the Orange & Brown into yearly contenders.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 2013 Cavs: 50 games to go

He keeps up the good work no matter how many games the team loses
How did 2012 end up for the Cavaliers?  Not great.  Since last time I checked in, the team went an impressive 2-5 but that did include their first back-to-back wins all season.  They were able to knock off the Bucks for their first division win this season and came back a few days later to go 2-0 on the season versus the lowly Washington Wizards (worst team in the league with only four wins).  For six of the seven games to finish December, the Cavs played without starting center Anderson Varejao due to a "bruised knee."  However, how often are guys missing two weeks worth of games with one of those injuries?? Seems fishy to me...

What else happened?

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: MLB resolutions for 2013 & Wild Card weekend in the NFL

What is in store for all 30 MLB teams this year.
 I figure giving the fact everyone is making New Year's resolutions for themselves, I thought I'd take a couple minutes and give each MLB team a resolution for the 2013 season. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Best and Worst in Ohio Sports: 2012

Who doesn't love a recap of what happened in the past year?!  There's good, bad, and there's opportunity.  As we glance back on 2012, it provides a glimpse to what to expect in 2013.  Hopefully it's nothing but smooth sailing but we all know that life throws plenty of curve balls.

Feel free to post your favorite and least favorite moments of the year in case I may have missed them below. We'd love to hear what you enjoyed or would like to forget in 2012.

Without further ado...

Our 2013 BIG, BOLD Predictions

Boomer and Gainer hope that everyone enjoyed their Christmas and are looking forward to a great new year.  2012 brought many changes to this blog from covering all the sports to just focusing on Ohio.  Gainer even went full time, left the blog, came back part time, and is now back on board because he is a sell out who can't focus on anything for more than a few months.

Thankfully Boomer was here to bring you coverage several times a week and for that Gainer is thankful!  We really enjoy bringing the Ohio biased coverage to whomever still reads this blog (Gainer's mom, etc).  What does 2013 have in store for the Rock?  Who knows!  The Cavaliers haven't even won 10 games on the season, the Browns once again failed to make the playoffs, the OSU football team went undefeated but was bowl ineligible, the Blue Jackets aren't even playing, and baseball is in full throttle offseason mode.  Thankfully the Buckeyes basketball team is currently ranked #10 in both the AP and Coaches Polls.  And heck, the Bengals even made the playoffs so maybe they'll get some love here...I could barely type that last sentence with a straight face.

As an Ohio sports fan, you know it's rough when you are happy enough that your least favorite teams aren't making the playoffs (cough Steelers cough) instead of celebrating a berth with your favorite team.