Thursday, January 17, 2013

Boomer Report: Browns fans need to embrace changes

Rod Chudzinski, answering questions last week, following the Browns
announcement of hiring him as their new Head Coach.
Like the classic 90's hit from the late-rapper Tupac "Changes", the Cleveland Browns organization, face another wave of changes. As a lifelong Browns fan, there is always feelings of "pessimism" surrounding the Browns franchise, especially since their return to the NFL in 1999, which has resulted in two winning seasons, and one playoff berth. I'm here now, to offer you all some "optimism" with the Browns recent changes, and look at things with a positive spin, because as a Browns fan, I've sure had enough of cheering for a losing organization over the years. It's time for "changes" to be embraced and viewed in a positive way. HERE WE GO BROWNS, HERE WE GO! #chudthesavior

Since last week's "Boomer Report" the Browns have hired a new Head Coach, agreed to stadium naming rights with a sponsorship, and have plans in the making for changes down the road.

Items of discussion:

Rob Chudzinski, a long time NFL-asstisant coach, who previously served with the Browns in 2004, then again in 2007-2008, was hired a week ago, as the Browns 6th full-time Head Coach, since the team's return to the NFL 14 years ago. Chudzinski, an Ohio native, wasn't the "big splash" per/say that the Browns fans (myself included) were hoping for, but it doesn't matter, "Chud" is our guy, and we gotta embrace it and think positively. The most important thing for a first-time HC is building an excellent coaching staff around him, that he feels comfortable bouncing ideas off each other, as they inherit one of the youngest team's in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns Stadium to be called FirstEnergy Stadium

After all these years, Cleveland Browns Stadium is no more.

Gainer's say in all of this:

Remember the year 2013 in terms of the Cleveland Browns. With new owner Jimmy Haslam at the helm, I doubt anything will be quite the same. Will it produce more wins? That remains to be seen but is Jimmy going to do everything in his power to make the Browns better? You betcha!
As an owner, Haslam has two goals. First, make the Browns better and make more money doing so. The guy is not an idiot. He's a world class business man. He built an empire and was a former minority owner of the Steelers so he knows exactly what success looks like.
The big news the past week is the hiring of Rob Chudzinski as head coach. Many people will speculate in terms of where he was on their “list.” At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because that’s who they hired. Each day I get more comfortable with the fact that he is our guy. I think I was more of a fan of Marc Trestman who the Bears ended up hiring but Haslam said he wowed them so I’ll take their word for it until I see otherwise.
The other big news is the naming rights deal with FirstEnergy and Cleveland Browns Stadium. Now I understand some people’s reservations about all these ridiculous sponsorship deals. Most seem silly and make no sense. People are right that there really is no end of what’s available to sell. But let’s face it, sports is a business. That’s the end of the argument. 
It opens the door for a new look stadium, could it be a dome, a retractable roof, a new everything? Who knows but it’s in the discussion. Further, a new uniform will most likely be in the works for possibly the 2014 season. However it is known the helmets won’t be touched. To me, this is all good news for Cleveland fans. Jimmy is doing everything he can to make the franchise more attractive. He’s got a plan and he deserves the chance to see it through. I mean why not? Since 1999, the team has been irrelevant. Completely and utterly irrelevant besides, “Oh look, it’s terrible Cleveland again.” Frankly, now that I live in the area, fans need to embrace some change because obviously the tradition hasn’t been here in nearly 30 years. It can’t get much worse.
Go Browns!