Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Boomer's Gridiron Notes: Why I will be rooting for the 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII

Sunday Night at 6:30pm EST, Super Bowl XLVII, down in the Big Easy.
SUPER BOWL WEEK! With the playing of the 2013 Pro Bowl Game,  one more game is left to play in this the 93rd season of the NFL. Super Bowl XLVII, between the Baltimore Ravens (AFC) & the San Francisco 49ers (NFC) with plenty of story lines, should be an entertaining game to watch down in New Orleans inside the famous Louisiana Superdome. Currently, the 49ers are a 3.5 point favorite in this one.

Stats of the Game:

  • Harbaugh Bowl
    • Jon & Jim Harbaugh, the first-time two brother's will coach against one another in a Super Bowl and second time overall the two Harbaugh brother's go head-to-head (the previous meeting went to older brother Jon, Thanksgiving Night 2011.)
  • Super Bowl Perfection is on the line
    • This marks the first Super Bowl, that the two teams come in undefeated in previous Super Bowl appearances. The 49ers are making their 6th appearance in the Super Bowl (5-0 all-time), while the Ravens are making just their 2nd appearance in the Super Bowl (Super Bowl XXXV).
  • Playoff records
    • The Ravens are 13-7 in the playoffs all-time, (highest winning % of any team in the NFL). As the 49ers, are 28-18 all-time in the playoffs, and with this Super Bowl appearance, they are tied with the Denver Broncos at six appearances, 3rd most in the NFL all-time.
  • No Brady, Big Ben, or Manning
    • This marks the first Super Bowl, since 2003, that Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, or either of the Manning brother's (Peyton & Eli) will not be participating in the game.
  • Two small school Quartback's
    • Ravens' signal-caller, Joe Flacco, went to school at the University of Delaware, after transferring from PITT. The 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick, led the Wolf Pack at the University of Nevada, Reno.
  • Ravens-49ers all-time series
    • The Ravens hold a 3-1 record all-time over the 49ers, and currently on a three-game winning streak in the series, since 2001.
  • Colin Kaepernick 
    • With just 9-career starts at QB for the Niners, he ranks 3rd all-time, with the fewest starts to reach a Super Bowl.
  • Jon Harbaugh & Joe Flacco
    • The two are 8-4 together in the playoffs, including 6 road playoff wins, since becoming Head Coach & starting QB of the Baltimore Ravens in 2008.
  • City of Championships (heck the state of California)
    • With a 49ers win, the city of San Francisco will be in possession of the Lombardi & World Series trophies, add that to the LA Kings holding down Lord Stanley, that makes three out of four major championships, residing in the state of California. Cue the Clippers..Warriors..Lakers..
TOP TEN: Reason's why I'll be joining the 49ers bandwagon on Sunday.

10) Former Buckeyes
  • Dante Whitner, Alex Boone, Ted Ginn, Jr. & Larry Grant, all play for the 49ers, and it would be great to see, a group of former Buckeyes win the Super Bowl.
  9)  Randy Moss
  • Get ya #84 jersey's back out! Moss self-proclaimed "greatest WR of all-time", was in fact one of the best WR's in my generation, again goes for a Super Bowl ring, after following short with the NE Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.
  8) Six Super Bowl Rings
  • If the 49ers win on Sunday, that will make six Super Bowl rings for the franchise, tying them with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most all-time. Will Steelers fans, actually be cheering for their rivals, the Ravens, to avoid sharing the top mark with the 49ers? Haha...
 7) Jim Harbaugh
  • I know the guys a former Michigan Wolverines QB, but I just like the way he goes about his business, albeit a little strange & weird at times, the guy knows how to win, and he has a very unique personality.
 6) Colin Kaepernick
  • He's revolutionizing, the quarterback position in the NFL. He can beat you with his arm (I never seen someone throw a football as quick and as fast) and/or with his legs (deadly in space). To be able to come in mid-season and do what he has done in such a short period of time, it's amazing, hopefully he can get the job done one more time on Sunday.
 5) Streakin'
  • The 49ers only have one W, in four games vs. the Ravens, who currently hold a three-game winning streak in the series. I think the 49ers are due for a win over the Ravens, and history tends to go with the team that has struggled the most in a series like this, not all the time.
 4) Ed Reed
  • Some days you wonder, if the Browns stayed in Cleveland, what kind of player Reed would have been in the team's defensive backfield. Ha, we all know he would have blown-out both his knees, the minute he took his first steps onto the practice field up in Berea. Instead, I've had to witness him become a ball-hawking safety, collecting numerous interceptions, hundreds of return yards, and become Ray Lewis'  Robin, and for that he finds himself at number four on this list.
3) Art Modell
  • I know the guy passed away this past fall, and he hasn't been much of a contributor to the franchise in the past decade, but just knowing that the team he took away from Cleveland, has a chance to win their 2nd Super Bowl in a 12-year span just makes me sick, after how long he owned the Browns, and what he ended up doing to the city of Cleveland.
2) Baltimore Ravens
  • They sit right up there with the Steelers, Bengals, Patriots, of teams I just do not care for in the NFL, I could never imagine a scenario, where I would find myself rooting for the Ravens (just thinking about it, makes me wanna scream with "rage"). The soul reason, why I had three years stripped away from me, of being able to watch my beloved Brownies in the late 90's. The Steelers will always be #1 on my all-time "crap" list of teams, but the Ravens are right there close behind.
1) RAY LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I could have made a whole "Top Ten" just on why I dislike this guy so much, that's how much I could careless for the guy. I will not be able to watch any sort of ESPN show, Sportcenter, etc. for oh....a good 3 months, if the Ravens win on Sunday. As they will be non-stop chatter about and on Ray Lewis, showing how much of a wonderful role model he is and, human being, etc. BULLCRAP, I am hoping, praying, whatever the case, that the 49ers send him away in his final NFL game,  as what he is and will EVER be in my mind, a L-O-S-E-R!!!
thanks for reading and enjoy the game.