Monday, May 21, 2012

Boomer's NBA Slam Dunk: Playoff Update #2

Hello again! After an unforgettable weekend up in Cleveland with Gainer, I'm back to bring you all up-to-date on the 2012 NBA Playoffs. There were a number of games played over the weekend (I feel sorry for the STAPLES CENTER event crew) and let me take this time to dive into the matchups and let you know how I see them ending.

Eastern Conference Semifinals Update

#8 Philadelphia 76ers vs. #4 Boston Celtics Series: Tied at 2

After Philly took Game 2 (82-81) to even the series at 1-1, the Celtics looked really good in Game 3 (W 107-91) only to blow a huge 1st half lead in Game 4 and losing to the 76ers, 92-83. Now the series swings back to Boston for Game 5 (Tonight 7 PM TNT) and turns into a best of three series. If the pattern holds up (and having home-court will help) I like the Celtics winning Game 5 on their home court tonight (C's 3-0 following a postseason loss) and going up 3-2 in the series. I had this series going five, and half way thru Game 4 it was looking like it could go that way, but don't count out the young/athletic Sixers, who are now just two games away from going to the Eastern Conference Finals as a #8 seed. The biggest question, if the C's win tonight, is it over 6 in Philly or is this series going the distance? I like the Celtics now in 7.

Game 5: Tonight in Boston (TNT, 7PM)
Game 6: Wednesday in Philly (ESPN, 8PM)
Game 7: Saturday in Boston (TBD) *If needed*

#3 Indiana Pacers vs. #2 Miami Heat Series: Tied at 2

As I predicted, this series hasn't been easy (not even close) for the Heat as it is all tied up at 2-2, heading into Game 5 (Tomorrow Night in Miami, TNT 8PM). The Pacers were able to steal Game 2 in Miami (78-75) and head back to Indianapolis with the series 1-1. Then came Game 3 last Thursday, where the Pacers blew out the Heat, 94-75 and it looked like the Heat were unraveling. After a day off and mostly reporting on the "sky is falling" on the Heat's season, they were able to rebound and win Game 4 (101-93) to knot up the series at 2-2. LeBron and D. Wade combined to score 70 of the teams 101 points and had a very impressive 2nd half. The question is can they both have the same performance two more times. Like I said, this series was going to be very tough for the Heat, but now with the series a best of three (two coming in Miami) I don't see the Pacers winning again in Miami (they blew their opportunity in Game 4), however, I think this series too will go all 7 games unfortunately with the Heat winning.

Game 5: Tuesday in Miami (TNT 8PM)
Game 6: Thursday in Indy (ESPN 8PM)
Game 7: Saturday in Miami (TBD) *If needed*

Potential Eastern Conference Final: #4 Boston Celtics vs. #2 Miami Heat

Western Conference Semifinals Update

#5 LA Clippers vs. #1 San Antonio Spurs Series: Spurs sweep Clippers

April 11. The last time the SA Spurs lost a game. As expected (I predicted Spurs in 5), the Spurs swept another series in this postseason this time vs. the LA Clippers and now have sometime to rest before an epic series either against the OKC Thunder or their old rivals the LA Lakers. After two blowout W's in SA, the series shifted to LA and the Clippers were unable to win at least won at the STAPLES CENTER, losing Game 3 by 10 and Game 4 by 3. Hats off to the Clippers for the franchises most successful season (entertaining if anything) and this team will be here to stay for the upcoming years. The Spurs are now 8-0 in this postseason and easily go 10 deep, they are a juggernaut right now and it will be interesting to see what they do against either the Thunder or Lakers in the Western Conference Finals.

#3 LA Lakers vs. #2 OKC Thunder Series: Thunder 3-1

If the Lakers end up losing this series (which history is against them at this point), they will look back and wonder "what if". After blowing Game 2 in the final couple of minutes, the Lakers came back home and won Game 3 (99-96) shooting 41-42 from the FT line. However, in Game 4, where they seemed to be in control the whole game, let it slip away (again!) down the stretch, when Kevin Durant drilled a deep 3 and gave the Thunder a commending 3-1 series lead, winning Game 4, 103-100. The Lakers have their work cut out for them and all but certain will be broken up if they lose this series (time for a new look in Hollywood). The Thunder will not want to let Game 5 (Tonight 9:30 TNT) at home slip away, especially knowing they will have a rested Spurs team waiting for them after this series. Although, the Lakers have played the Thunder tough the past 3 games, their inability to close out games will again hurt them in tonights game, with the Thunder winning another close one in front of their home fans. I had this series going 6 thinking the Lakers could get two at home, and in all honesty could be up 3-1 in this series if the ball bounces their way a couple times. In the end, the Thunder/Spurs series is looking to be one epic Western Conference Final, if the Thunder can close out the Lakers this week.

Game 5: Tonight in OKC (TNT 9:30)
Game 6: Wednesday in LA (ESPN 10:30) *If needed*
Game 7: Sunday in OKC (TBD) *If needed*

Potential Western Conference Final: #2 OKC Thunder vs. #1 SA Spurs