Friday, May 4, 2012

Boomer's NBA Slam Dunk: Playoff Update

Lets check in and see how each series has started in the first week of the 2012 NBA Playoffs.

D. Rose, (knee injury) at the end of Game 1
#1 Chicago Bulls vs. #8 Philadelphia 76ers Series: 1-1
And like that...Rose was gone. In the waning moments of the Bulls/Sixers Game 1 last Saturday afternoon, Bulls star PG Derrick Rose blew out his knee and was lost for the rest of the playoffs. Fast-forward to Game 2, and the 76ers blitzed the Bulls in the 2nd half, to even up the series 1-1, with a 109-92 victory. Pivotal Game 3 is tonight in Philly, the 76ers have a golden opportunity to grab a hold of the series with Game 3 and 4 at home. How will this series look after the weekend, I believe we will see it knotted at two games a piece.

Series this week
Game 3: Tonight in Philly 
Game 4: Sunday (5/6) in Philly 
Game 5: Tuesday (5/8) in Chicago 
Game 6: Thursday (5/10) in Philly *if needed*

Melo: Hey...after the game, I dare you to punch a fire extinguisher .
Amar'e: Ok...I mean whats the worse that could happen?
Don't pick a fight with a fire extinguisher, get Direct TV.
#2 Miami Heat vs. #7 New York Knicks Series: Heat up 3-0
I really was thinking the Knicks could at least get one vs. the Heat, but this has been a one-sided affair. To top it all off, 100 million dollar man, Knicks forward Amar'e Stoudemire, picked a fight with a fight extinguisher after Game 2 loss down in Miami, he lost. With that fans are required to bring brooms to Game 4 on Sunday afternoon at MSG, to help the Heat sweep the Knicks out of the playoffs. 

Series this week
Game 4: Sunday in New York
Game 5: Wednesday (5/9) in Miami *if needed*

Is anyone watching this series?
#3 Indiana Pacers vs. #6 Orlando Magic Series: Pacers 2-1 lead
Is it true, that if the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic play a best of 7 game series, no one will care to watch? Ha, theres always that one series in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, that no one really pays much attention to, this has been that one. I mean not even the NBA cares much about it, putting the two of the first three games on the NBA Network, haha. After Orlando stole Game 1 in Indy last Saturday, the Pacers have ran off the last two games in dominate fashion. If the Pacers can win the next one in Orlando look for this series to be ending in 5 games.

Series this week
Game 4: Tomorrow (5/5) in Orlando
Game 5: Tuesday (5/8) in Indianapolis

Paul Pierce put the C's on his back in Game 2, Sssss....

#4 Boston Celtics vs. #5 Atlanta Hawks Series: All squared at 1-1
The most intriguing matchup in the Eastern Conference first round, the Celtics/Hawks split the first two games of this 4 vs. 5 series. The Hawks looked pretty dominate in Game 1, and the Celtics were without Ray Allen. At the end of the game, C's PG Rajon Rondo bumped a referee getting himself tossed out of the game and suspended for Game 2. With that the Hawks had the opportunity to really take a hold of this series and go up 2-0. However, in the fourth quarter of Game 2, Paul Pierce put the Celtics "on his back" and earned a series tying victory down in ATL. With the series moving up to Boston this weekend, will the Hawks be able to win in Beantown?

Games this week
Game 3: Tonight in Boston
Game 4: Sunday (5/6) in Boston
Game 5: Tuesday (5/8) in Atlanta
Game 6: Thursday (5/10) in Boston *if needed*

Western Conference: First Round

Tony Parker: I knew this series vs. the Jazz would be easy for us.
Tim Duncan: Uhh...kind of like how it was, when you cheated on your wife.
Tony Parker: ........
Tim Duncan: Boom Roasted!
#1 San Antonio Spurs vs. #8 Utah Jazz Series: Spurs up 2-0
This series hasn't been much to watch or talk about after the first two games. Spurs winning both in blowout fashion, as the series shifts to Utah, The Spurs will look to end this in four games. Yes, the Jazz won the race to the 8th spot in the Western Conference Playoffs, but are clearly out-matched in this series vs. the experienced Spurs.

Games this week
Game 3: Tomorrow in Salt Lake City
Game 4: Monday (5/7) in Salt Lake City
Game 5: Wednesday (5/9) in San Antonio *if needed*

Mama! I did it!
#2 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. #7 Dallas Mavericks Series: Thunder up 3-0
After two tightly played games in OKC, which could have went either way, the Thunder were fortunate enough to win them both. Game 1 the best game so far in this edition of the NBA Playoffs, saw Kevin Durant sink a jumper with less then 2 seconds to go, for a 99-98 Thunder victory. Again, in Game 2 the Thunder made plays down the stretch and won 102-99. I really thought this had the makings of being a long series after watching the first two games, but after last nights blowout W for the Thunder in Dallas, 95-79, the defending champs are on the ropes of being swept out of the playoffs. What sort of fight will the Mavericks put up in Game 4 on Saturday?

Games this week
Game 4: Tomorrow in Dallas
Game 5: Monday (5/7) in OKC *if needed*
Game 6: Thursday (5/10) in Dallas *if needed*

# 3 LA Lakers vs. #6 Denver Nuggets Series: Lakers up 2-0
After Andrew Bynum turned in a triple-double (10 points 13 rebounds and 10 blocks) in Game 1 win over the Denver Nuggets last Sunday, the question arose, "How good are the Lakers?" The Lakers big-man followed that performance up, with another stellar one in Game 2, a 104-100 victory (Bynum had 27 points and 9 rebounds). If Bynum can play with his head on straight, the Lakers are a very dangerous team as they good deeper into the playoffs. Not to mention they still have Kobe Bryant who put in 31 and 38 points in the first two games. Maybe, the sleeping giant from the regular season has awaken. 

Games this week
Game 3: Tonight in Denver
Game 4: Sunday (5/6) in Denver
Game 5: Tuesday (5/8) in LA *if needed*
Game 6: Thursday (5/10) in Denver *if needed*

Clippers reaction, after their epic comeback victory in Game 1

#4 Memphis Grizzles vs. #5 LA Clippers Series: Split at 1-1
I think talk around the water cooler today was still about that epic comeback victory by the Clippers in Game 1. Down by as many as 27 points, the Clippers used a 35 to 13 4th quarter (26-1 run) to shock the Grizzles and the whole arena in Memphis, 99-98 to snatch Game 1 away. Despite the epic meltdown/collapse whatever you want to call it, the Grizzles bounced back to take game two and even the series up at 1-1, heading to LA this weekend. As the series goes along, with Grizzles fans all around keep saying, "how did we let Game 1 slip away"? This one should go the distance.

Games this week
Game 3: Tomorrow in LA
Game 4: Monday (5/7) in LA
Game 5: Wednesday (5/9) in Memphis