Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Boomer's Wall of Fame Wednesday

This week Gainer gets to see a few more of his favorite athletics/coaches get enshrined up onto Boomer's Wall of Fame in this installment of Boomer's Wall of Fame Wednesday, "Gainer's Crew": Part 2.

Part 2: Gainer's favorite athletics

David Pollack #47 & David Greene #14
Gainer's favorite two CFB players, Go Dawgs!
Troy Aikman #8 & #22 Emmitt Smith
Like ever 90's kid, Gainer jumped on the Cowboy wagon.
Jeff Gordon
It was love at first sight for Gainer.
Tiger Woods
Gainer: Tiger made the game of Golf "cool, hip and fun to play".
Pete Sampras
Gainer: Agassi was just a little too much for me.
Michael Johnson
Gainer: He made running cool, the Gold Spikes!
Mike Tyson
Gainer: Remembering the Holyfield fight, UNBELIEVABLE .

Part 2: Gainer's favorite coaches

Mark Richt
Gainer: He's just so darn personable!
Ray Evernham
Gainer: Ray and the #24 were lights out in the 1990's.
Special thanks goes out to Gainer for sharing his list of well-deserving Wall of Fame inductees, all of them being worthy of their face up onto Boomer's Wall of Fame. Tune back in next week, when Boomer returns to give you another player and coach to go up onto THE WALL.