Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Avengers Dream Team

With the Avengers having come out this past weekend to a record breaking 200+ million dollar extravaganza and the NBA Playoffs currently underway, it only made sense to put together the Avengers Dream Team.  Let me know what you think!

While all super strong physically, one hopes they can gel as a unit...

Point Guard:
Captain America/Steve Rogers

  • The de facto leader of the group, this position is the general of the floor.  He understands how each play should be broken down and where everyone needs to be.  Not too flashy yet consistent, reliable and has impeccable timing with his incredible passing.

Strengths: Quickness, passing and Basketball IQ
Weaknesses: Does nothing extraordinarily well but consistent across the board

Similar to: Magic Johnson, PG, L.A. Lakers or Isiah Thomas, PG, Detroit Pistons

Shooting Guard:
Iron Man/Tony Stark

  • The shooter.  He brings it all offensively.  Whether it be a jump shot, posting up, a pick and roll, or a dunk, this position puts points on the board.  It is often the most glamorous yet most scrutinized position.  Definitely the flashiest persona on the floor.

Strengths: Putting the ball in the hoop, the "clutch" gene
Weaknesses: Self-centered at times, too much reliance on the jump shot

Similar to: Michael Jordan, SG, Chicago Bulls or Kobe Bryant, SG, L.A. Lakers

Small Forward:
Hawkeye/Clint Barton
  • While not big enough to bang bodies down low, the SF also isn't consistent enough to handle the ball as much as a guard.  An excellent defender and extremely tough, this position requires hustle and grit.  You won't get a lot of notoriety here but crucial to the team's success.
Strengths: Most reliable defender and can play anywhere on the court if needed
Weaknesses: Size and consistent offensive ability, leads to frustrating shots and decisions

Similar to: John Havlicek, SF, Boston Celtics or Scottie Pippen, SF, Chicago Bulls

Power Forward:
  • Rebounding sums up this position.  With a strong lower and upper body, the PF dominates the glass offensively and defensively.  Can take over a game with this ability.  Think 20 points and 10 rebounds each and every night.
Strengths: Position down low under the basket and hands
Weaknesses: Ball-handling and sometimes gets into foul trouble early

Similar to: Charles Barkley, PF, Phoenix Suns or Karl Malone, PF, Utah Jazz

The Hulk/Bruce Banner
  • Center is the big guy down low who is a commanding presence on both sides of the court.  He is the tallest player and the go-to guy when points are needed.  The offense revolves around him and his stature on defense makes offenses game plan around him.
Strengths:  A combination of size and offensive touch along with intimidating defensive presence
Weaknesses:  Stamina and durability but counters that with explosive production in quick spurts 

6th "Man"
Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff
  • Back up combo guard who provides quality minutes to rest the Captain or Iron Man.  While smaller, can still be pesky enough defensively while keeping defenses honest with floating lay ups. A fan favorite, like Hawkeye, for hustle and effort.
Strengths: Extremely agile and shifty, good on the ball defender, usually provides a 'spark'
Weaknesses: Not strong offensively or strong physically but uses size to her advantage

Similar to:  John Stockton, PG, Utah Jazz or Jason Kidd, PG, New Jersey Nets

Head Coach
Nick Fury
  • Coach Fury brings a blend of fire and calmness to the team.  He is very charismatic yet knows how to push each player's button to motivate them.  He is a master of blending multiple, big personalities while keeping in touch with the "current" player. 

Strengths: Motivational speeches and overall attitude that is on par with his players
Weaknesses: Sometimes loses the player's trust with his old school approach

Similar to: Phil Jackson, HC, Chicago Bulls/L.A. Lakers or Red Auerbach, HC, Boston Celtics