Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 16, 2002 - A Day That Will Live in our Hearts Forever

This shirt has holes in it, no shame
A season we will never forget!!
10 years have passed but here at Rock Bottom, we continue to live in the past daily.  In what was a top 5 moment in our high school careers (and top 25 moment of our first 25 years on this planet), Garrett Comstock and Corey Mehl forever cherish this day as do our teammates, coaches, and cheerleaders (oh yeah, and Dave Comstock!!!).  Below is the 6 part YouTube breakdown of the ENTIRE championship game back during our freshman year of high school at Bellefontaine (Ohio).  If you want to skip the entire game and see the celebration, just go to part 6!  As you can see the final score was 48-45.  Bellefontaine Cheiftains are in the black, Springfield Shawnee is in the yellow.  Springfield also defeated us TWICE in the regular season so it was SWEET, SWEET payback.  Also, the parents of Springfield also brought in balloons, cake, and t-shirts that said 20-0 because Shawnee was 19-0 going into the game and they just assumed they were going to win.  I mean, seriously?  That kind of stuff only happens in movies, dicks.

To kind of give you a set up for this game, here's what you need to know.  First, it is Gainer's first year in the new school and he is the red head #33 (Larry Legend baby, Mr. Fundamental).  He scores 23 of the game's 48 points because he is awesome.  Boomer is a veteran of the Bellefontaine core group consisting of Brock Moon, Ryan Brentlinger, Drew Franklin, Jacob Siler, and Garrett Miller who played in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade.  He is #42 and has a great face plant in the game and PLEASE watch him on the bench with the spirit fingers and overall enthusiasm.  The crazy man in the red on the near sidelines is Boomer's dad, Dave Comstock, the most die hard Chiefs fan you will ever meet.  You will also see 2 young gentlemen sitting next to Dave.  The kid in the hat is Brad Winter and the kid in the grey hoodie is Tim Buchenroth.  They both were in our class of 2005 and close friends of the whole team.  Also, check out Kathy Franklin's commentary as she films it.  It's kind of funny because some of it isn't even basketball related.  Gainer's father is in the black up on the scorer's table on the far right sitting in his little lonely desk.

Lance Predmore is our head coach and is also the star of popular thriller "ThanksKilling."  iMDB it, awesome movie.  "Gobble, gobble mother f**kers!"  Our assistant coach was Rick Varian (a fellow ginger).
Corey Mehl - 33
Garrett Comstock - 42
Brock Moon - 22
Adrian Howard - 10
Ryan Brentlinger - 30
Drew Franklin - 32
Garrett Miller - 24
Jacob Siler - 14
Matt Alinson - 20
Cheerleaders:  Ashtyn Lile (now Jackson), Sara Crook (now Nelson), Kendra Bruce, Jill Martin, Shalene Thomas, and Erica Herring (now James).