Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sky High

No matter the situation, I will continue to just livin' my dream...
Normally I'd hit all you in the side of the temple with one of my thrashings today but life is different for Gainer lately.  I haven't posted much this past week after our walk down memory lane in our freshman basketball championship piece.  Two months after starting this blog, I officially accepted a full time job and am moving to Cleveland, Ohio!  The last 4 months or so may have been the toughest of my young life (almost 25 years).  I learned a lot about myself in that time and hopefully I can apply those things to my future.  

However, I am not leaving this blog. Trust me, Boomer would fold under the intense pressure of his high expectations for this blog without me.  If you haven't noticed, I do all of the posting until this past week.  Moving forward I may be doing a little less but we won't let you down content-wise.  It's my final week in Columbus and it's treated me well.  It's a cool city and area to live.  In fact, Rock Bottom might even get better because I'll be living amongst the most depressed sports fan in the entire country.

What's coming up this week from Gainer:
  • Saturday, February 25th - NBA All-Star Dream Team
    • What is this?  Similar to our Legend NHL and NFL squads, Boomer and Gainer will have our NBA teams. They are amazing.  Boom.
  • Sunday, February 26th - The Oscars on ABC
    • Listen, I know most of you don't care but leading up to the awards I'll have some more fun lists building off our Top 10 Sport Comedies.  Keep your eyes peeled.
  • Monday, February 27th - NHL trade deadline at 3pm.  
    • The Blue Jackets started their core change by trading center Antoine Vermette to Phoenix yesterday.  Will other big pieces go?  Jeff Carter, Rick Nash, RJ Umberger, and others will not sleep well after their game Sunday against my Pens.

I'll be bringing you live updates if big players are moved.  Twitter has changed the world in regards to days like these.  It will be fun and it will lead perfectly into me getting back into our NHL games of the week!

Speaking of which - Red Wings and Canucks tonight!!!!  Canucks trying to stop the 23 game HOME winning streak of the Red Wings (NHL record by the way) and pull into a tie of first place in the West. Boom.  7:30pm on NHL Network.

That is all bottom dwellers.  My life may not be stuck in rock bottom anymore but Cleveland may be sports rock bottom destination.  Should be fun so stay tuned!

Eminem baby, not me anymore!!!