Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl XLVI - Déjà vu

Giants 21 Patriots 17 Final

In a season in which old brother (Peyton) never took a snap, it’s ironic that little brother (Eli) wins his 2nd Super Bowl Championship (also the SB MVP again), in the House that Peyton Built. In a game of runs (Giants 9-0, Patriots 17-0, Giants 12-0), the Giants again (see Super Bowl XLII) shock the New England Patriots, to win Super Bowl XLVI, 21 to 17.

Kelly Clarkson had the honors in sing the National Anthem (correctly), with the help of a group of young singers. Next, the coin-flip in which the NFC team had won in the previous 14 Super Bowls. This year, with the NFC being the away team in Super Bowl XLVI, the Giants had the call on the flip, tails, it should never fail, however, it came up heads and the Patriots deferred and the Giants would receive the opening-kickoff, with the Patriots getting the 2nd half kickoff.

1st Quarter

On the first drive of the game, Giants were able to move the ball down to the NE 33. However, after a sack on Eli, the Giants were forced to punt the ball. The Giants punter, Steve Weatherford (who had some really nice punts all game) was able to place the ball inside the 10 yard line stopping at the NE 6. On the Patriots first play, Tom Brady (haha) was called for intentional grounding inside his own end zone, resulting in a safety and a 2-0 lead for the Giants. The Giants received the free kick, following the safety and marched down the field in 9 plays, 78 yards, in 5:28, capping off the drive with a Victor Cruz 2 yard TD catch from Manning. Basically, concluding the 1st quarter, in which my dad reacted, “you got to be kidding me that’s the end of the 1st quarter already?”
Giants 9, Patriots 0

2nd Quarter

Well, you knew the Patriots were not going to just go away in this one. After getting down 9, the Patriots put together a 10 play 60 yard drive and kicked a 29 yard field goal to get on the board, Giants 9-3. The Giants on their not drive were halted by a penalty that stopped the drive. After another short Patriots drive, the Giants got the ball back and were moving the ball. Again, on a first down run by Giants RB Brandon Jacobs, the Giants were called for holding and that killed the drive. With 4:02 left, the Patriots had the ball at their own 2 yard line. I started thinking, that the Giants had missed their chances of extending their lead heading into halftime. And with that, Tom Brady had another “Brady drive” and marched the Patriots offense all the way down the field capping a 14 play, 99 yard drive in 3:55 when he hit Danny Woodhead in the end zone. The Giants took a knee, and that ended the 1st half of Super Bowl XLVI.
Patriots 10, Giants 9

Madonna (53) performed during halftime. What did you think, of her performance? Who do you want to see perform next year during halftime down in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII?

3rd Quarter

As the 3rd quarter started, it was a big drive for both teams. The Patriots riding the mo from the last drive of the 1st half, again drove down 79 yards in 8 plays (even a 21 yard pass and catch to #85) ending with Aaron Hernandez 12 yard TD catch from Brady, to put the Patriots up 17 to 9. As a general fan of the Super Bowl (I was cheering for the Giants), with the Patriots scoring 17 unanswered, I knew the next drive by the Giants was critical for them to put some score on the board. The Giants did just that, with a 38 yard FG by Lawrence Tynes cutting the Patriots lead to 5, 17-12. After a 3 and out by the Patriots, the Giants got the ball back and put another 3 on the board with a 33 yard FG by Tynes. The Patriots had the ball heading into the 4th quarter.
Patriots 17, Giants 15

4th Quarter “Money Quarter”

Two plays into the 4th quarter, Brady avoiding the rush launched a DEEP pass attempting to connect with TE Rob Gronkowski, was picked off by Giants LB Chase Blackburn on great athletic play. The Giants were unable to put points on the board on their next drive, but they were able to flip the field possession. The Patriots got the ball back on their own 8 yard line with 9:24 to go in the game. The Patriots were able to pick up three 1st downs during the drive. However, with dropped passes by Wes Welker and Deion Branch on back-to-back plays the Patriots were forced to punt the ball away to the Giants. With 3:46 left, Eli Manning and the Giants offense started the drive at their own 12 yard line. On the first play of the drive, Eli dropped back and lofted a 38 yard pass to WR Mario Manningham right on the Patriots sideline (Play of the Super Bowl) setting them up at mid-field. Eli connected on his next 3 out of 4 passes, and at this point the Giants were set-up for a GW score. With 1:04 left the Patriots called a timeout, and on the next play just let Giants RB Ahmad Bradshaw LITERALLY FALL backwards into the end zone with :59 left in the game. Bradshaw was trying to fall down at the one to set up a potential GW FG, but hey, it’s the Super Bowl he wanted that touchdown. After a failed 2-pt conversion, the Giants led 21 to 17, and just like we’ve seen before Tom Brady was going to get a shot to win the game at the end. After two straight dropped passes by Patriots WR’s, Brady was sacked by Giants DE Justin Tuck to set up a 4th and 16 with the game on the line. The Patriots were able to pick up the 1st down, but after a few short pass completions, the Patriots and Brady were forced to throw a “Hail Mary” into the end zone. The Patriots pray was not answered, however, TE Rob Gronkowski did not miss by much catching the ball before it hit the ground. Game Over. The Giants winning their 4th Super Bowl in franchise history in Super Bowl XLVI, 21 to 17. 
Giants 21, Patriots 17
Eli wins Super Bowl XLVI MVP
Bradshaw's GW TD
Brady once again loses to the Giants in the Super Bowl (please...don't feel bad for this guy)

Seriously, these are the 2 things Tom comes home to every day, what a rough life...
Overall, this one was very similar to the last time these two teams faced each other in the Super Bowl (see Super Bowl XLII). Now, that the live-action of football is over L until August; lets all talk about the NFL Draft coming up in April. Any early predictions on who’s going to be in Super Bowl XLVII down in the “Big EZ” next February?