Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What If Wednesday!


In the 2008 National Championship Game, the Kansas Jayhawks went up against the Memphis Tigers. Let me set the stage for you all, Memphis up 3 (63-60), with only seconds to go in the game. However, Memphis missed their last 3 out of 4 FT attempts to keep the Jayhawks alive. The Jayhawks got one last chance, the Tigers failed to foul before the Jayhawks got a shoot up, and with 3 seconds to go Mario Chalmers launched a shoot from the top of the key, that was nothing but the bottom of the net, 63-63 OT following (the shoot is referred to as “Mario’s Miracle”). In overtime, the Jayhawks outscored the Tigers 12 to 5 to win the 2008 Men’s Hoops National Championship. It gave Kansas’ Head Coach, Bill Self his 1st title and denied Memphis’ Head Coach Jim Calipari of winning his first, HAHA!!!

What If
Ok, where to begin with this one, first, what if the Tigers would have made their FT’s down the stretch. The Tigers were a horrible FT team all season long and it did end up hurting them.  If the Tigers fouling the Jayhawks before Chalmers’ shot maybe they would have been able to make at least one or two more free throws. In the end, this “what if”, doesn’t really matter much, with the Tigers having to forfeit their entire 2008 season, due to some off-the-court issues with some key players (most notably Derrick Rose). Seriously, that starting five looked like they couldn’t even pass 9th Grade English test, let alone attend a Division 1 University. Still, for one night they could of enjoyed being one of the greatest teams of all-time. What If?

March 4, 2006: #13 North Carolina 83, #1 Duke 76
With the UNC/Duke rivalry adding another chapter this evening (9 PM EST on ESPN), I’d like to give you a “What-If” of this historical hoops rivalry. 
On Senior Night, the Dukies were honoring J.J. Redick and Shelden Williams hosting a very young Tar Heels team. This was suppose to be a night to remember for the Duke Seniors as Redick was on his way to becoming the Player of the Year and Williams the Defensive Player of the Year. After J.J. hit his first five shoots, the Blue Devils roared out to a 13 to 2 lead and it looked like it was going to be the Redick show. However, the baby Tar Heels screamed back and spoiled Senior Night at Cameron Indoor, pulling the upset 83 to 76. The Tar Heels were riding a 7-game winning streak while the Blue Devils were the #1 team in the land.

What If
It wasn’t one shoot or play that changed this game, the what if comes with it being Duke’s Senior Night. How many of you would of hated losing your last game at home to your archrival. I can clearly, remembering watching this game, and just remember seeing Redick’s face at the end of the game. What if, that quick start by Redick would have propelled the Dukies to a run away win over the Tar Heels? What if, the Blue Devils were able to make a couple stops down the stretch; seriously, the Tar Heels caught fire late in this one. In the end, this one doesn’t really change the history of the rivalry or college hoops, but for being such a great players; Reddick and Williams were denied in their last game at memorable Cameron Indoor. What If?