Friday, February 3, 2012

This is it...Preview: Super Bowl XLVI

Date/Time: February 5, 2012 6:29 PM (EST)
New York Giants vs. New England Patriots         
Line: NE by 3

Boomer’s Take on the Game:
In what is shaping up to be an overall entertaining Super Bowl (at least we have the commercials, haha) for the general fan (sorry, Gainer L) the New York Giants once again clash with the New England Patriots. Super Bowl XLVI provides all of us with plenty of storylines. The biggest one being the “Gronk Ankle”, Rob Gronkowski star-TE for the Patriots has been nursing a bum ankle (injured in the AFC Championship Game) and his status for the Super Bowl has been unclear/up in the air every since. Even if he plays what sort of factor can he be for the Pat’s offense (could he pull a Willis Reed)? Does Chad Johnson become involved at all in this game (I will be very upset, if that guy wins a SB ring w/o being a factor)? Usually, in the Super Bowl an unsung hero typically has an impact in the game. Who’s this years “unsung hero”? Tom Brady is trying to become the 3rd Quarterback of all-time to win four Super Bowls (Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana). Eli Manning is trying to win his 2nd in four years (one more then Big Brother Peyton). Will either defense be able to slow down the other teams offense? In Super Bowl XLII, the score was Giants 17-14 and in the regular season meeting earlier this season, it was Giants 24 to 20. It’s really hard to imagine the Patriots losing three straight to the Giants, right? Ahh, NOT SO FAST (that’s a Lee Corso reference), in what is sort of an ironic situation, with what has all happened this season for Peyton Manning, the Giants and little brother Eli win Super Bowl XLVI in the house that Peyton built (what’s the +/- we see Peyton on TV and/or talked about during the game). All and all, the Super Bowl is bittersweet, with it being the last game till August, thank goodness for the NFL Draft.

Prediction: Giants 27, Patriots 24

Seriously, show of hands, who knew Peyton/Eli had an older brother, Cooper?
*Gainer raises his hand because he knows Cooper went to college to be a WR but had a serious back injury*