Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gainer's Anthems

Didn't everyone have this on cassette growing up?
It's Grammy's Sunday so I figured it was a decent time to put some of my favorite songs (sports related somehow, even if it just pumps you up!).

So here goes my top 15!

In honor of the passing of the legend Whitney Houston, here is her Star Spangled Banner during the Super Bowl.  Frankly, it's also a song that everyone correlates with sporting events.  Amazing job as always...

It's a childhood favorite of mine and I don't care that it's really not a song, go Braves!

I ruined a Christmas with this song and it's still one of my all-time faves because it's awesome

Never saw this movie but I frequently find it on my iPod because it's not just the music but the lyrics too

Every two years I literally turn on the TV just to hear this song and then change the channel if it's some obscure sport

I know this is pretty recent but this song is just epic
Charlie Sheen #winning

Space Jam, MJ, Michael Buffer!!!!!!!!!!!

This song has probably led to numerous deaths of punches to the face

Journey...enough said


AC/DC...again, what an intro

Most people just call it the Chariots of Fire theme, check out the movie sometime because I know most of you haven't actually seen it

All I remember is freshman year basketball before the games, the locker room got a little crazy

Eye of the Tiger is amazing, don't get me wrong but this actual theme song trumps it

I was like Emiliooooooooooooooooooooooo

Just defines a sporting event