Friday, February 24, 2012

Gainer's Childhood

The 1990s.  What a decade to grow up during.  Epitomizing that is the sports movies we grew up on.  Here's my top 10 from any time period.

Honorable Mention:

Little Big League
This movie is crazy ironic since the real Twins are one of the poster childs for "nobodys" becoming "somebody's."  Also, you can't be that mad losing to Griffey and the Mariners!

Cool Runnings
John Candy and the ultimate irony.  Jamaica and bobsledding.  Classic.  It's unfortunate all the fat comedians died so young.

Rookie of the Year
As a kid you appreciated the thought of becoming a major league player as a kid. Now looking back on it, Daniel Stern and Gary Busey were the best parts ha! Also, it's the Cubs and it's the closest they have gotten to actually winning it all.

Angels in the Outfield
All 3 actors in the lead of this movie are pretty much dead now career-wise.  It's Joseph Gordon Levitt who now is becoming ultra famous.  Matthew McConaughey and Adrien Brody are on the team.  Awesome.  Who doesn't wave their arms still?

Mighty Ducks 2
This about sums it up!

The Karate Kid
Wax on, wax off.  Serious and kind of silly back then.  Super hilarious and dirty now.

Space Jam
I actually got out of school early with my friend to see this movie in theaters.  I mean MJ and Bugs with Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, BILL MURRAY, Mugsy Bogues, Shawn Bradley, Larry Johnson, Patrick Ewing and of course Newman from Seinfeld.  Tweety in the lung machine still gets me everytime.

Little Giants
The trailer still makes me laugh out loud! What a classic film.  It's actually in my top 10 football movies of all time as well.

I seriously hope my future wife is like this someday...

The Sandlot
Everything about this movie just screams childhood sports with your friends.  There is so much magic in this film on top of the dog and the classic James Earl Jones that's a must see still today for kids.  I still say this line frequently because it's awesome.