Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Boomer's "What If" Wednesday

This week, I bring you all “What if” Wednesday’s Super Bowl Edition.

Scott Norwood’s “Wide Right”

Honestly, one of the biggest “what if” Super Bowls of all-time, with seconds to go, in Super Bowl XXV Scott Norwood’s last second FG went “wide right”, and was no good for the Buffalo Bills. The closest the Bills ever came to winning the Super Bowl, this one started a streak of four-straight Super Bowl L’s for the Bills. The New York Giants with head coach Bill Parcells won their second Super Bowl in five years, 20 to 19. Super Bowl XXV was a rematch from a regular season meeting between the two teams (won by Buffalo in New York, 17 to 13).

“What If”
What would the legacy of Buffalo Bills QB Jim Kelly be, if he were to have a Super Bowl ring (I mean come on 0 for 4, poor guy)? If Norwood’s FG goes in, maybe it starts a run “dynasty” of sorts for the Bills (Super Bowl rings 1…2…3…4?) Would their runs to the Super Bowl been different if they would have one this first one? Maybe they never make it back, to the “big one”? What about Giants Coach Bill Parcells retiring FOR GOOD, if the Giants would have lost? Coach Parcells went on to lose Super Bowl XXXI with the Patriots and coached 11 more years after his run with the Giants, (Pats, Jets, Cowboys). A lot of “what if” moments are tied-in with Super Bowl XXV, let me know what you all think would have happened. I’m sure with a lot of Buffalo fans; they would have dreamed it ending like this:

John Elway’s Helicopter Run

The true definition of “try, try, try, try again”. After three Super Bowl losses early in his career, John Elway prevailed finally in Super Bowl XXXII, beating the defending champion Green Bay Packers, 31-24. The one remembered for as “This ones for John”, Elway was aided by Broncos RB Terrell Davis (Super Bowl MVP), scoring three touchdowns on the night. On the other side, Packers QB Brett Favre was denied back-to-back Super Bowl rings. This would ironically be the first of back-to-back Super Bowl rings for Elway and the Broncos.

“What If”
Say the Packers find a way to win this one, and with a 0-4 Super Bowl record John Elway retires after this game, leaving a Hall of Fame career without that Super Bowl ring, he searched for all those years. Brett Favre wins back-to-back Super Bowls and that 2nd SB ring that he eventually would never win. This was another Super Bowl with multiple “what if” moments involved in the aftermath of the game. Would we have ever seen #4 in a Jets or Vikings jersey, if he wins this one?  If Elway never “goes airborne” what happens? Let me know what you think.