Friday, April 27, 2012

NFL Round 1 Draft Rewind - Gainer wins!

Last night was the ACTUAL first round of the NFL Draft.  No more mocks, no more having to listen to butt buddies Mel Kiper and Todd McShay analyze everything wrong, no more lame chatter about guys who've never taken a snap.

Seriously, I want their jobs because it's literally just
Based on our mock from last week, you'll notice Boomer and I got some right, most wrong! I won't dance around, here are picks 1-32 and how we did based on our mock and whether we like the picks after the jump...


1) Colts: Andrew Luck - No surprise here!
2) Redskins: Robert Griffin III - Ditto!
3) Browns: Trent Richardson
  • Just before the draft, it was announced the Browns moved up 1 spot in a trade with the Vikes.  They were going to take Trent Richardson either way but word was other teams wanted him too so they pulled the trigger.  Great pick for Cleveland as they hope to have some playmakers this year!
4) Vikings: Matt Kalil - would have taken him 3rd, just flipped spots with Cleveland
5) Jaguars: Justin Blackmon
  • I said in the mock the Jags wanted him bad but were probably going to miss out on him at #7.  So they trade up with the Bucs and get their man for Gabbert and their best WR since Jimmy Smith.  Twitter extraordinaire Maurice Jones-Drew was pumped!
6) Cowboys: Morris Claiborne
  • Jerry Jones never disappoints me on draft day.  My Cowboys fly up from #14 to take the Rams spot and select the top corner of the draft to address their awful secondary.  Love this pick for America's team.
7) Buccaneers: Mark Barron
  • Bucs came back to this spot from the Jags and while missing out on their most likely top target Claiborne, they get the next best defender in the draft and top safety Barron.  The guy's got pure football instincts.  
8) Dolphins: Ryan Tannehill - didn't move up but still got their man; personally not a fan but we'll see.
9) Panthers: Luke Kuechly - this kid is a playmaker, not surprised they grabbed him when available.
10) Bills: Stephon Gilmore - kind of shocked he went this high for a corner, fills a need but maybe a reach.
11) Chiefs: Dontari Poe - this just screams BUST as I chuckled at this pick with Cox, Coples, Brockers, and Ingram still on the board.
12) Eagles: Fletcher Cox
  • Philly doesn't mess around after Poe is taken and moves up 3 spots from Seattle to snag the better guy.  There's a reason the Eagles defense is always solid.
13) Cardinals: Michael Floyd
  • Boomer really got me here.  I honestly thought the Cards would not take him and go OL instead.  I was dead wrong.  This guy has the tools to be better than Blackmon so I'm sure Larry Fitzgerald is thrilled!
14) Rams: Michael Brockers
  • It's funny to think the Rams had the 2nd overall pick at one point! They trade back all the way to 14 and new coach Jeff Fisher sticks with defense and takes a DT stud from LSU here.  Nice pick.
15) Seahawks: Bruce Irvin
  • Okay, let's not kid around, this is the first shocker of the draft even with all the trades.  Bruce is ultra talented and people from WV love this guy (our lady sports lover Hope was doing backflips) but he was 2nd round talent at best.  Pete Carroll and Mountaineers must see something special.
16) Jets: Quinton Coples - surprisingly normal, not crazy pick from my Jets, kind of dull actually...
17) Bengals: Dre Kirkpatrick - huge depth void filled here by Cincy with the Palmer pick. Solid.
18) Chargers: Melvin Ingram - nice pick by the Bolts here, was hoping the Jets would take him instead.
19) Bears: Shea McClellin - a hot name as of late, the Bears like his "Urlacher-esque" instincts
20) Titans: Kendall Wright - a home run waiting to happen, the Titans snag a draft fave of mine
21) Patriots: Chandler Jones
  • Of course the Bengals would allow the Patriots to move up and get better, thanks Mike Brown. The Pats were oh so close to winning a Super Bowl but give up unlimited points.  Jones is the start of a rebuild on defense.
22) Browns: Brandon Weeden
  • I love this pick, Boomer hates it.  He wanted OL help even after we continually talked about needing playmakers!  Would he be there at pick #37?  Browns didn't think so and they wanted their guy so they took him.  At 28, this old man beat Luck, RG3, and Tannehill who were ALL picked ahead of him as well as top prospect Foles.  The Browns are shopping Colt McCoy and the future is NOW with the Browns.
23) Lions: Riley Reiff - only exciting thing about this pick is Megatron announcing it, great value here.
24) Steelers: David DeCastro - easily one of the best steals of the draft, stupid Steelers, hate 'em
25) Patriots: Dont'a Hightower
  • NE moves up AGAIN, thanks Denver you jerks and takes Hightower.  Like I mentioned before, the Pats defense just got loads better in a matter of barely 20-30 minutes.  Great draft day for Bellichick.
26) Texans: Whitney Mercilus - needs to replace Mario Williams but this kid can bring it, good choice.
27) Bengals: Kevin Zeitler
  • Moving back with the Pats old pick, the Bengals stay conservative and draft much needed OL help.  Wisconsin is a factory for these guys and he'll be a day 1 starter for sure helping Dalton stay off his back.
28) Packers: Nick Perry - a little surprised here but they love USC guys. See Clay Matthews.
29) Vikings: Harrison Smith
  • The Vikes get back in the first round (from Ravens who probably wanted Zeitler) with their 2nd pick and take the next best safety.  After him, it's a steep drop off for this position. Got their guy.
30) 49ers: A.J. Jenkins - another WR? Harbaugh loves scheming this stuff, look for the 49ers to be slinging it this season even with Alex Smith.
31) Buccaneers: Doug Martin - great addition for new HC Greg Schiano from Rutgers. He and Blount will be dynamic together.  Hate the Patriots still.
32) Giants: David Wilson - another RB I didn't think would go this early but they lost Jacobs so there's a need but it's a bit of a reach in my opinion.


*Based on who teams drafted not where*

Boomer: 8 of the 32 correct- Colts, Redskins, Browns (Richardson), Vikings (Kalil), Dolphins, Cardinals, Eagles, and Packers
Gainer: 8.5 of the 32 correct - Colts, Redskins, Browns (twice!), Vikings (Kalil), Dolphins, Bengals (Kirkpatrick), Packers and my half point goes to Denver because technically I said Elway misses this pick and he did end up trading it.  Sorry Boomer, that's how it goes.


Cleveland Browns
Take a look Cleveland, here are your starting RB and QB come September...
New England Patriots
  • These guys just don't mess up draft days...ever
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Got the best safety and a great complementary RB.  Still same team that was 10-6 two years ago.
Cincinnati Bengals
  • Got much needed depth help at corner and on the offensive line, nothing flashy but good picks.
Indianapolis Colts, Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • All got game changers at key positions that were huge voids.  Really liked these picks.
St. Louis Rams
  • They might have fallen over 10 spots because of trades but they got a great player and have draft picks galore over the next couple years.  Jeff Fisher knows what's up.


Miami Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs
  • We knew Miami was taking Tannehill since Sherman is there now but it's a scary transition.  The Chiefs took a guy got overhyped at the combine.  It's called game film.
Buffalo Bills
  • A top 10 pick for a corner not named Claiborne seems risky but fits the Bills mold of being lame.
Seattle Seahawks
  • We all love BRUUUUUUUUUCE but in the top 15? Yah right!
Minnesota Vikings
  • Kalil and Smith, top prospects in their respective positions but kind of underwhelming for how bad the Vikings really are.
New York Giants
  • Don't settle for a RB just because he's the best available, especially don't reach for one!