Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 NFL Draft: Boomer and Gainer's First Round Mock

The 2012 NFL Draft coverage begins Thursday night, April 26th at 8 PM on ESPN, Live from Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Coverage continues Friday night (April 27th, 7 PM) with Rounds 2 & 3, then wraps up Saturday afternoon (April 28th, Noon) with Rounds 4-7. The draft provides a glimpse for fans all over the league of what the future looks like for their favorite team. With countless Mock Drafts since January, Boomer and Gainer (who only puts down the top 10 and his thoughts here and there!) want to have their own say in how they see the 1st round play out of NFL Draft. Take a minute and check it out this post, and see where some of the big name players will be calling home next fall.

Boomer and Gainer's 2012 NFL Mock Draft

1) Indianapolis Colts 
Boomer's Pick: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford
- After a season in which they lost their Hall of Fame QB, Peyton Manning and finished 2-14, the Colts "luck" out again with the #1 overall pick, with another chance to draft a future All-Pro QB. Will lightning strike twice in Indianapolis?
Gainer's Pick: Same
- I think it would be great fun if the Colts took RG3 just for kicks...but alas, they won't. Colts still suck.

2) Washington Redskins (from St. Louis)
Boomer's Pick: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor
- After trading the farm to the Rams for this pick, will RG3 be the answer to turn this franchise around? Redskins Head Coach Mike Shanahan and Hog Nation hope so. 
Gainer's Pick: Same
- Pretty much the least anticipated top 2 picks in recent memory, the Redskins have the easiest selection all weekend. Too bad they also suck.

3) Minnesota Vikings
Boomer's Pick: Matt Kalil, OT, USC
- The Vikings, with the news of a possible new stadium, will be in Minnesota for a while, go with 6'6'' 308 lbs. Kalil to help protect their young franchise QB Christian Ponder. Watch for a potential trade of picks at this position come draft night.
Gainer's Pick: Miami Dolphins (TRADE), Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
- This is the most interesting pick in the first round. For the longest time it seemed Kalil was the obvious pick then there was wind that it would be Richardson.  Everyone needs OL to protect their QB but the Vikes should take Claiborne here but they ultimately trade the first round king of hilarious picks because they don't want the Browns taking him.

4) Cleveland Browns
Boomer's Pick: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama
- As a Browns lifelong fan, the team is in desperate need of a "playmaker", and Richardson should provide that from the Browns backfield and help take some pressure off QB Colt McCoy. It's a "no-brainer" pick here for the Browns.
Gainer's Pick: Same
- If Richardson is on the board, the Browns absolutely cannot pass him up.  He's too good.

5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Boomer's Pick: Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU
- The Bucs take the next best available player, and get a stud of a player in hopes of using him as a DB/Returner, like his former LSU teammate from a year ago Patrick Peterson was for the Arizona Cardinals.
Gainer's Pick: Same
- This guy might be borderline retarded because of his learning disability but he can play. Gotta draft him.

6) St. Louis Rams (from Washington)
Boomer's Pick: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State
- The Rams grab a guy that can add some athleticism on the outside and playmaking ability for Rams QB Sam Bradford to throw the football to and become a #1 WR for years to come, hopefully.
Gainer's Pick: Same
- I think based on my draft here, Kalil is a real option to protect Bradford but a top WR deep threat is too good to pass on.

7) Jacksonville Jaguars
Boomer's Pick: Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina 
- The top DE in the draft, will provide a much needed pass-rusher for the Jag's front four, and will definitely be a focal point for opposing coaching staffs to gameplay around and QB's to fear.
Gainer's Pick: New York Jets (TRADE) Same
- I don't think the Jags want this pick.  I know my Jets want Ingram.  Rex needs to retool this defense to make it worth fearing again.  Watch out!

8) Miami Dolphins
Boomer's Pick: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M
- Tannehill has been the talk of the pre-draft coverage and it Dolphins are in search of a franchise QB. Will be interesting to see what kind of career Tannehill while have, wherever he goes. Dolphins might even trade up, if they feel scared someone will go after Tannehill.
Gainer's Pick: Minnesota Vikings (TRADE from #3), Matt Kalil, OT, USC
- Kalil becomes the first guy to slide down than what was originally expected but the Vikings still get their guy.

9) Carolina Panthers
Boomer's Pick: Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis
- The Panthers couldn't stop the run at all, last season. Poe, is a freak athletically as a defensive tackle and will help out a Panthers defense that is in need of a run stopper in the middle.
Gainer's Pick: Fletcher Cox, DT, Miss. State
- Unlike Boomer, I don't buy draft combine hype, it leads to too many busts.  Panthers rarely take risks, they go safe and still get a great player.

10) Buffalo Bills
Boomer's Pick: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
- With the additions they added to the defensive side of the ball via free agency, the Bills will turn their focus on the offensive side in the draft. Reiff 6'5'' 313 lbs. a complete player on the o-line will spark the Bills running game.
Gainer's Pick: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
- The Bills need to prove me wrong here because I'm not sold on Floyd.  Typically the Bills reach on draft day and this, to me, will continue that streak.  If they're smart, it's Boomer's pick.

11) Kansas City Chiefs
Boomer's Pick: Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College
- One of the best LB's in this years draft, lead the nation in tackles last season at BC. Kuechly, can come in right away and provide a need for the Chiefs defense. A safe pick here for the Chiefs.
Gainer's Pick: Agreed!

12) Seattle Seahawks
Boomer's Pick: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina
- With Kuechly off the board here at 12, the Seahawks land a safe pick here with Coples. In a 4-3 defense, Coples on the outside on the end will play every play as a pass-rusher and have one job: Get to the opposing teams Quarterback. Grabbing Coples here, will improve a defense that is close to becoming one of the elitist in the NFL.
Gainer's Pick: Take this guy

13) Arizona Cardinals
Boomer's Pick: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame
- Floyd on one side, Larry Fitzgerald on the other, Cardinals QB Kevin Kolb, will plenty of weapons on the outside. Even tho, the Cardinals could use the help on the OL here, they can address that later in the draft. Floyd is the sexy pick and can come in a have a similar rookie season, like Julio Jones did last season, with the Atlanta Falcons after being the #2 WR off the board. 
Gainer's Pick: Yeah right! Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa
- Boomer has a serious case of wishful thinking if he thinks the Cards will land Floyd. Kolb can't throw it to either guy if he's always laying on the ground with a concussion. 

14) Dallas Cowboys
Boomer's Pick: Mark Barron, S, Alabama
- The best Safety in this years draft class, the Cowboys continue to issues their defensive issues by selecting Barron here. The Cowboys also would be fine with grabbing a OL men here, but will probably go with Barron.
Gainer's Pick: Same
My Cowboys have to make this pick.  In fact, look for them to possibly trade up a couple spots to snag him earlier just in case.  Their secondary just gets crushed.  They desperately need a playmaker and we all know how much Jerry Jones likes big plays.

15) Philadelphia Eagles
Boomer's Pick: Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State
- The Eagles need to get more physical up front on the DL, and Cox will provide that for them. Cox a guy that can play in either the 3-4 or 4-3 scheme will provide the Eagles a player that could become a Pro Bowler for years to come.
Gainer's Pick: Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis
Over hyped so the Eagles can have him.  Eat a sandwich Andy Reid.

16) New York Jets
Boomer's Pick: Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama
- Upshaw fits in perfectly with Rex Ryan and the ideal player he is looking for to upgrade the Jets defense. The Jets could take a couple of players here depending who's still available, but Upshaw is probably the best bet here, as he plays with a high motor and will make plays all over the field.
Gainer's Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars (TRADE from #7), Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina
- The Jags really wanted Blackmon and its too early to take Stephen Hill.  The Jags still suck.

17) Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland)
Boomer's Pick: David DeCastro, G, Stanford
- This pick addresses an issue for the Bengals on the offensive line. DeCastro 6'5'' 315 lbs. will come in immediately and help out the Bengals run game, that has to do a better job to help out their young QB Andy Dalton. 
Gainer's Pick: Courtney Upshaw, OLB, Alabama
- A no brainer for the Bengals.

18) San Diego Chargers
Boomer's Pick: Chandler Jones, OLB, Syracuse
- Jones still a little raw in some duties, played DE at Syracuse, could make the move to OLB as OL men have a hard time getting in front of him to slow him down. Has the ability to become a great player for the Chargers defense. 
Gainer's Pick: Doesn't matter, Norv Turner is still the coach

19) Chicago Bears
Boomer's Pick: Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford
- At 6'5'' 312 lbs. Martin will give the Bears and QB Jay Cutler a much needed additional to the O-line. Martin can develop into a great pass-protector and allow, Cutler more time in the pocket and not have to run for his life every time he drops back in the pocket. 
Gainer's Pick: David DeCastro, OG, Stanford
Cutler obviously has to finish the season for the Bears to be relevant.

20) Tennessee Titans 
Boomer's Pick: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama
- The fourth Alabama player off the board, Kirkpatrick has the chance to come in right away with his talent and experience he brings. With his size, he will be able to play either the CB position or Safety position. With the Titans losing their best cover man in FA, Kirkpatrick should be a solid replacement for them in their defensive backfield. 
Gainer's Pick: I think the owner is still crying over losing the Manning race, they might miss their pick...

21) Cincinnati Bengals
Boomer's Pick: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina 
- The Bengals need to add depth at the CB position and Gilmore is that natural pick. A starter from day one at South Carolina, Gilmore is mature and smart and can play press coverage and will pick up concepts quickly. Not a single weakness in his game.
Gainer's Pick: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama
Same thing Boomer said.

22) Cleveland Browns (from Atlanta)
Boomer's Pick: Cordy Glenn, G, Georgia
- Not the sexy pick here that a Browns fan would like to see, but it addresses an issue for the Browns on the O-line. Glenn will be able to open holes/gaps for the Browns #4 pick (Trent Richardson) in the running game and should be a dominant force on the inside.
Gainer's Pick: Who is a sexy pick at #22 here? Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

23) Detroit Lions
Boomer's Pick: Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois
- The Lions continue to add depth on the defensive line, with Mercilus. He can get off quick on the edge, with natural gifts, he utilizes them as a pass-rusher. The Lions probably use this pick to issue the offensive line, but at this point Mercilus is the best available player left on the board.
Gainer's Pick: Someone who can play defense

24) Pittsburgh Steelers
Boomer's Pick: Dont'a Hightower, LB, Alabama
Another guy from Alabama to go in the first round, the Steelers always seem to grab the right guys in the draft. After an off-season of letting a lot of their veteran players go, the Steelers look to get younger on the defensive side of the ball. Hightower could become a star for the Steelers and will be used in multiple ways with his size and athleticism.
Gainer's Pick:  This

25) Denver Broncos
Boomer's Pick: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU
- Brockers play last year for the LSU Tiger's defense was one reason, why they were one of the best units in the nation. Brockers will create problems for opposing offenses by blowing up run plays and penetrating the line during passing plays. The Broncos will address the inside of the D-line with this pick and newly named Broncos QB Peyton Manning will be glad to see Brockers on his team.
Gainer's Pick: John Elway has still got a renob, misses pick and calls Titans owner to rub it in his face...literally

26) Houston Texans
Boomer's Pick: Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor
- The Texans are in need of another playmaker on the outside to go along with All-Pro receiver Andre Johnson. Johnson was sidelined a lot of last season, and that hurt the Texans passing attack. With Wright in the picture, the Texans will benefit from his route running and being able to gain the YAC yards. Heck of a player right here. 
Gainer's Pick: Not a WR, maybe Stephen Hill from GT, but a defensive player.

27) New England Patriots (from New Orleans)
Boomer's Pick: Shea McClellin, OLB, Boise State
- The Patriots rarely miss in the draft, and this year is no different. McClellin, has the smarts and playing ability that Head Coach Bill Bellchick can work with and use in his defense schemes. The Patriots need to address the front seven and they start by drafting McClellin here at 27.
Gainer's Pick: Cleveland Browns (TRADE), Brandon Weeden, QB, Okla. State.
- The Pats realize they can get good players later on (which is why they always have picks in the upper 20s/low 30s) and do so once again. The Browns put icing on the cake of what's been an exciting first round in 2012 and take old man Weeden to compete with McCoy.  Why not?

28) Green Bay Packers
Boomer's Pick: Nick Perry, LB, USC
- The Packers had one of the worst LB units in all of football last season, in regards to sacking the QB. Perry will come in as a converted DE and it will be interesting to see how he fits in and provides the Packers with a guy that can rush the QB.
Gainer's Pick: Same? Sure, someone on defense that's for sure, perhaps a RB

29) Baltimore Ravens
Boomer's Pick: Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin
- Konz will be a nice replace sometime (soon) for current Raven's center Matt Birk. At 6'5'' 315 lbs. Konz will be an excellent replacement in a unit that the Ravens need to address from a year ago, that lacked the ability to protect QB Joe Flacco at times. The Raven's could also look at using this pick for a defensive player.
Gainer's Pick: Yep

30) San Francisco 49ers
Boomer's Pick: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
- The biggest home run pick in the draft when you compare his speed and size. Even with the additions of Randy Moss and Mario Manningham, the 49ers would be smart in drafting Hill and expanding the WR position, while helping 49ers QB Alex Smith.
Gainer's Pick: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
- WR seemingly is a natural choice here but Harbaugh loves TE and having this guy with Vernon Davis? Gainer likey.

31) New England Patriots
Boomer's Pick: Derek Wolfe, DL, Cincinnati 
- Best to be playing on the outside to use his size (6'5'' 295 lbs.) to become a pass rusher. The Patriots again get a great player to fill a spot and provide depth for their front seven on the defensive side.
Gainer's Pick: Somebody we'll all hate 10 years from now because he's a veteran stud that Bellichick continually puts out in his fudgepacking factory near Gillette Stadium.

32) New York Giants
Boomer's Pick: Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford
- The best TE on the board can be used off the line where he can be a match-up problem for defenses. Fleener has great hands and excellent route-running, Giants QB Eli Manning likes to use the TE in the passing attack. If the Giants don't go with Fleener here, look for them to address the OL with this pick.
Gainer's Pick: Stephen Hill, WR, Georgia Tech
- Why? Because I hate the wramblin' wreck of Georgia Tech nearly as much as I hate the Giants. They deserve to be together so I can hate them even more.

Well Bottom Dwellers, that's all she wrote for the first round.  The other rounds are whatever and Gainer is sure Boomer will cover that for you because I don't care.