Friday, April 6, 2012

Boomer's Slam Dunk NBA Playoff Push: 1st Edition

BOOMSHAKALAKA! The word used after someone makes an awesome dunk! Sort of like this awesome post on the NBA, haha. Anywho, with only about 10 to 14 regular season games left, depending on which team(s) you are following, we are three weeks away from the 2012 NBA Playoffs. With the shorten 66-game season, the regular season has been played at an accelerated pace, with most teams playing back-to-back nights and even some playing back-to-back-to-back. It's made for an interesting season (of which I have tried to follow, as much as possible), but now that its Playoff time, it's time to jump into the deep end of the pool and provided you with the best NBA Playoff Coverage as possible. Lets take a look at the standings and some games to watch out for this upcoming week. 
FAIR WARNING: Blake Griffin might dunk on this post (he's dunk on everyone else. haha).

1) Chicago Bulls 43-13
2) Miami Heat     39-14
3) Indiana Pacers 33-21
4) Boston Celtics 30-24
5) Atlanta Hawks 32-23                                                      
6) Orlando Magic 32-23
7) Philadelphia 76ers 29-25
8) New York Knicks 28-27
9) Milwaukee Bucks 26-28

Well, some how some way the Bulls have been able to win games without, their best player (D. Rose) and look to hang on to the top-seed for the second time in as many seasons. The Miami Heat get talked about a lot (I wonder why), the Atlantic Division race should be interesting to watch between (Boston, Philly, and New York) to see which team can clinch at worst a top 4 seed. The Orlando Magic are a mess (thanks to a 7 foot Brawled-shoulder baby). And the Bucks try to cling to any hope of sliding into the playoffs. I believe the top 8 teams now, will be the teams representing the Eastern Conference in the playoffs, but the seeding is too close to call, after the top two teams (Bulls & Heat). Should be fun to watch the final three weeks play out in the East.

1) Oklahoma City Thunder 40-14
2) San Antonio Spurs         38-14
3) LA Lakers                     35-20
4) LA Clippers                   33-22
5) Memphis Grizzles          30-23
6) Dallas Mavs                   31-24
7) Houston Rockets           29-25
8) Denver Nuggets            29-25
9) Phoenix Suns                28-26
10) Utah Jazz                    28-27

WILD WILD WEST! With teams seeded 5 to 10 only THREE games apart from each other, the West is wide open down the stretch of the regular season. The Thunder and Spurs are up top battling for the 1-seed, while the two teams in LA seem to be chasing the 3-seed and Pacific Division crown. The defending champion, Dallas Mavs are in the 6 spot right now, with the Rockets, Nuggets, Suns, and Jazz all battling for the final two spots. If you asked me TODAY, I would say I'd like to see the Suns grab that final spot, for the fact I want to see Steve Nash (Suns Point Guard) in the playoffs. Where the East looks pretty set on the eight teams that will be in the playoffs, the West is much more wide open and will be entertaining to watch how it plays out down the stretch.


I warned you Griffin might make an appearance in this post, sorry Pau...

Games of the Week

Tonight (4/6 Friday)

Suns at Nuggets (9:00 PM EST) ALT
 - Big Game right here, as the Nuggets host Steve Nash and the Suns, the 8th seed vs. the 9th seed, huge swing game at this point in the season.

Tomorrow (4/7 Saturday)

Magic at 76ers (8:00 PM EST) ESPN
- Will Stan Van Gundy be coaching the Magic in this one? In the latest saga of the 2011-12 Magic season, Van Gundy was told, Dwight Howard wanted him fired, great player/coach relationship. Philly needs this one more, as they hang onto hope of regaining the lead back from Boston in the Atlantic Division by seasons end.

Easter Sunday (4/8)

76ers at Celtics (6:00 PM EST) NBA TV
- Speaking of which, haha...the top two teams in the Atlantic Division go head-to-head on Easter, another big swing game as the regular season comes to a conclusion, the C's are tough to beat in Boston, but what a historic rivalry between these two franchises.

Bulls at Knicks (1:00 PM EST) ABC
- A potential preview of a first-round matchup in the Eastern Conference playoffs, the Knicks have the talent to hang with the Bulls, a Knicks win, would give them some confidence heading into the playoffs and down the stretch.

Monday (4/9)

Clippers at Grizzles (8:00 PM EST) SportSouth
- Two young teams, battling it out for playoff positioning, want to prove they are both ready to make deep runs in the Western Conference Playoffs. If anything, we will be treated by a highlight reel dunk from Clippers Forward Blake Griffin.

Tuesday (4/10)

Celtics at Heat (7:00 PM EST) ESPN
- Two teams, that don't have much love for each other clash in this matchup. C's want to prove they still have one more run with the Big 3 plus Rondo, while the Heat will probably be going for their 20th straight home victory, with payback on their minds (C's handed them a blowout loss back on April Fool's Day, 91-72 in Boston.)

Wednesday (4/11)

Knicks at Bucks (8:00 PM EST) ESPN
- Battle of the 8th seed, is what this matchup will be billed as. With the Knicks having way too much talent to be having to battle for the final playoff spot, will try and get a big win on the road vs. the Bucks, who are still in the hunt and chasing the Knicks for the 8th and final playoff spot. Swing game for sure.

Thursday (4/12)

Heat at Bulls (8:00 PM EST) TNT
- A preview to the Eastern Conference Final? Could/Should be and the way the Bulls have been able to play and WIN without Derek Rose, is something for sure. This game will have 1-seed impact in it along with confidence for the winner heading into the playoffs as this is one of the final two meetings between the two teams before the end of the season. (Teams have split the first two meetings this season)