Wednesday, April 11, 2012

It's a Hockey Night in Pittsburgh!

Go Pens...Facebook bought this picture for a billion dollars btw
Thought I'd give you a look of me and my swag including a freshly shaved face and haircut before the playoffs begin.  If I'm lucky, I won't have to shave until June.  By that time I hope to be forced to use an actual razor instead of my electric one because my facial hair sucks.

Before I get my 2 cents in regarding the official start of the NHL playoffs, check out this travesty that was the NHL Draft Lottery last night.  Similar to the NBA, 5 teams are eligible for the #1 pick in the NHL.  Toronto sucks at life and got the #5 pick, good for them.  The worthless franchise that is the Islanders on Long Island got the 4th pick, so they can keep sucking, awesome.  The 3rd pick went to the "hey our team is so important to us we have to have a coach and GM that speaks French" Montreal Canadiens, don't even get me started.  Then they went straight to the overall top pick.  The Columbus Blue Jackets had a 48.2% chance of winning this pick.  Instead, they drew the Edmonton Oilers.  For the third year in a row, they have the overall #1 pick.  Unreal.  To prove my point, check out the viewing party down in Columbus (at BW3 where T-Rex and I attended CannonFest last summer before the season got started, awesome place)...the video says it all:

Meanwhile, in relevant news, the real teams are playing meaningful games starting TONIGHT at 7:30pm.

Get your fill with:
  • Pens and Flyers at 7:30pm on NBC Sports
  • Predators and Red Wings at 8pm on CNBC
  • Canucks and Kings at 10:30pm following the Pens games on NBC Sports
Mike Lange calls the Pens games on their radio station and used to do play-by-play on TV, no idea why he no longer does it besides the fact the current guys must do dirty things to keep Mario Lemieux happy if you know what I mean.  Check out some of these highlights from the 2009 Cup run.  You'll enjoy it even if you aren't a die hard fan, just a great voice and frankly, it's funny.