Monday, September 3, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Buckeyes rout Redhawks

An amazing one-handed grab by Devin Smith, jump started the Buckeye's O.
Recap: Miller rushes for 161 as the Buckeyes win Meyer's debut
Box Score: Ohio State 56, Miami (OH) 10 Final

Ahhh, it's good to have Buckeye football back! After a slow-start (seriously, that 1st quarter was rough to watch), the Buckeyes racked up 538 total yards in their season opening win vs. Miami (OH), 56 to 10. The Urban Meyer Era is officially under way and for the most part I liked what I saw. A slow-start is common for the opening weekend, especially when you are breaking in a new offensive scheme vs. someone other then your scout team. However, after that "Catch of the Year"/Play of the Game by Buckeyes WR Devin Smith #15, the offensive seemed to get settled into the game plan and flexed their muscles vs. the Redhawks defense. Boomer's Player of the Game goes to starting QB Braxton "Atlanta R&B Sensation" Miller, who racked up 368 total offensive yards plus 3 TD's (2 passing) in his first game in Coach Meyer's spread offensive attack. I liked how the Buckeyes kept the pedal down (wish they would of punched it in to the end zone tho, on the final play of the 1st half), but after going up 35-3, early in the 2nd half, the Buckeyes continued to work their new offense in and looked score often. Remember folks, Meyer's gonna try and hang a half 100 on any opponent no matter if its lowly-Miami (OH) or that team up north. Saturday was the start of a new era in Columbus for the Scarlet and Grey, and from what I saw, things look to be headed in the right direction for the 2012 Ohio State Buckeyes football team. One down, 11 more to go! Is it Saturday yet?

First and foremost, the offense is going to revolve around starting QB Braxton Miller. Miller accounted for 368 yards of the Buckeyes 538. He got off to a shaky start at the beginning of the game (to my father's reaction, "That kid still has no touch". However, I was quick to remind him, that just like our last signal-caller (T. Pryor), you have to deal with the mistakes, because you know the next play might be a, "OMG, did he just do that" kind of play, and know that you wouldn't want anyone else as the starting QB (although, Kenny Guiton is not a bad consolation prize). The running backs looked good, and will only get better/deeper once Senior RB Jordan Hall comes back from injury. The O-line looked good, as their were able to keep Miller upright and opened up holes for him and the other backs to run though. The WR's were the biggest question mark, heading into the season due to their play from a year ago. However, I was impressed for the most part with this group on Saturday. The biggest thing in this offense is, do we have WR's that can take a 10-12 yard pass/catch and turn it into a 40-50 yard gain. Offense always seems to be a step or two behind the defense at this point of the season, so it will be a work in progress this first month as they play the non-conference slate of games.

Led by John Simon and big-man Jonathan Hankins up front, the Silver Bullets surrendered just 10 points on Saturday afternoon. Just like the offense, the defense looked a little shaky early on as well, but that can be do in part to the way the Redhawks were running their offense. I was hoping to see a couple more sacks from the front four, but they did a good job stiffing the rush and sending presser to the QB. The lack of sacks was due to the fact, that Miami (OH) had their QB rolling out a lot, and he was doing a good job getting the ball out quick. I know this unit up front is one of the best (if anything they are really DEEP) and they will continue to get better as the season moves along. The linebackers need to find a way to the QB, as I don't remember hearing their names being called much during Saturday's game. Now, I know they were playing I saw them in the game, these guys have to help out the front four, with continuious pressure and flying to where the ball is. The DB's....ugh, too often, early in the game, Redhawks receivers were wide open, and the Buckeyes defense were fourtnate on a few plays that they were unable to hold on to the ball for the catch. The Redhawks were able to make a couple big plays due to poor tackling, missed assignment, etc. whatever the case, this unit needs to improve the most out of the three defensive units. After the first game, no matter what the score, you are always going to have things to look at on film, that you can get better on and improve upon.

Next Week:
The Buckeyes (1-0) turn their attention to their next opponent the UCF Knights (1-0), who won their opener on the road last Thursday vs. the Akron Zips, 56 to 14. Stay tune, for the game preview in this week's Boomer's Urban Renewal.