Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Final 3 Weeks in Baseball; Overreaction in the NFL

The final 3 weeks of the season, which team(s) win the race?
The final few weeks of the MLB season, are going to be as exciting as watching a mid-season sausage mascot race in between the top & bottom of the 6th. Ok, maybe a little more entertaining (or less), depending on what team you cheer for. However, with a number of division races along with the Wild Card spots up for grabs, the final three weeks in the MLB season are sure to be interesting. With that I'd like to give you my predictions on who I think will be making plans for the 2012 MLB playoffs starting in early October. In the AL, I like the Orioles (East), White Sox (Central), and Rangers (West) winning their respective divisions, (Yeah, the O's pick is a reach) and I like the Athletics and Yankees to grab the two WC spots in the AL. With that said, in the NL its a bit easier to make my predictions. Winning the divisions will be: Nationals (East), Reds (Central), and Giants (West), and the Braves and Dodgers snatching the two WC spots. I'll check back here in a couple weeks to see how I did (I'm thinking 10/10!, haha). In other news, my Fantasy Baseball team grabbed the 2-seed in the playoffs in the 8 team league I'm in, and I have a bye this week (Yes, I can focus all my attention on my Fantasy Football team, which stumble out of the gate in Week 1). With the completion of the MNF doubleheader (I DVR'd the Raiders/Chargers Game, to fix my no-football Tuesday blues) last night, Week 1 of the NFL season, is done. Of course, a lot of overreaction with either your team fortunate enough to win their opener, you have dreams of making the Super Bowl, and if they lost you're calling for changes already. Enjoy everyone, another week of fastballs & home runs with a side of hard hits & touchdowns. Hunt for October 

Welcome to the NFL, rookie QB starters, 1-4 in Week 1 Games.
News & Notes:
Hot Teams
  • Blue Jays, 4-game winning streak.
  • Athletics, 4-game winning streak, 7-3 last 10.
  • Angels, 8-2 last 10.
  • Phillies, 5-game winning streak, 8-2 last 10.
  • Cubs, 4-game winning streak.
Cold Teams
  • Red Sox, 4-game skid, 1-9 last 10.
  • Tigers, 4-game skid.
  • Mets, 4-game skid.
  • Pirates, 4-game skid, 2-8 last 10.

Week 2 Match-ups I'm looking forward to:
- Chicago at Green Bay, Old School Rivals kick off TNF.
- Cleveland at Cincinnati, In-state/Division Rivals "Rumble in the Jungle".
- Baltimore at Philadelphia, Super Bowl preview?
- NY Jets at Pittsburgh, The Jets take their "high-powered" offense on the road vs. the Steelers D.
- Detroit at San Francisco, The rematch of the "post-game handshake" on SNF.
- Denver at Atlanta, Peyton's 1st road game on his comeback tour vs. the high-flying Falcons on MNF.