Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Make or Break Time in MLB; Replacement Referees struggling

Maybe things won't greener (at least on the diamond) for these two guys.
After signing huge multi-year contracts with new teams over the off-season, Prince Fielder (Tigers) & Albert Pujols (Angels) chances of making the postseason are becoming very slim. With yesterday's loss to the White Sox (leaders of the AL Central), the Tigers found themselves behind in the AL Central standings by 3 games with just 16 games left for each team to play on their schedules. The Tigers, every ones lock to win the AL Central and possibly get to the World Series for the 1st time since 2006 after signing Fielder, just never seemed to piece together the pieces after a slow-start to the season. In Pujols situation, it was very similar as everyone was crowning the Angels the best team in baseball, after they went out and landed Pujols along with SP C.J. Wilson. However, like the Tigers, the Angels struggled early (especially Pujols) and have had to play from behind all season. As of now, the Angels best bet of making the postseason, would be to grab the second Wild Card spot, which they trail the Orioles by 3 games, with each team having 15 games left of their schedules. After a huge off-season for the two franchises, the Tigers & Angels (barring a couple miracles) look to be headed for an earlier vacation, then they & their fans had planned back during the off-season. I guess, that's why all 162- games are played on the diamond and not on paper. Mo Money Mo Problems As for this week in the NFL, the Falcons picked off Peyton Manning three times in last nights MNF game, and improved their record to 2-0, with a 27 to 21 victory. Week 2 in the NFL included, the continuing struggles of the  replacement referees, the Cowboys & Jets coming back down to earth, and the improved play by the five starting rookie QB's. In my opinion, I think it's ridiculous that after what the NFL put the fans though a year ago, with the players strike, that they allowed this to happen. The sad thing about it is, from what you hear about the situation, their doesn't seem to be much going on to improve the situation. So, I guess for now, we as fans and the NFL players around the league have to deal with the lousy calls made by these replacement referees. C'Mon Man! Hunt for October All be it two games in, the Updated NFL Standings
It's getting ugly, as Coaches & Players start to bully the replacements.

News & Notes:
  • White Sox, 4-game winning streak.
  • Athletics, 8-2 last 10 games.
  • Braves, 4-game winning streak; 7-3 last 10.
  • Padres, 8-2 last 10 games.
Cold Teams
  • Rays, 3-game losing skid.
  • Twins, 3-game losing skid.
  • Nationals, 3-game losing skid; 5-5 last 10.
  • Mets, 3-game losing skid, 1-9 last 10.
  • Pirates, 2-8 last 10 games.
  • Rockies, 3-game losing skid, 2-8 last 10.

Week 3 Match-ups I'm looking forward to:
NY Giants at Carolina, Manning & Co. clash with Newton & Co. on TNF.
Buffalo at Cleveland, Third times a charm? Browns looking for their 1st W on the season.
NY Jets at Miami, Two AFC East rivals face each other down in South Beach.
Atlanta at San Diego, With two high-powered offenses, I wanna see a Ryan/Rivers shootout.
New England at Baltimore, AFC Championship Game rematch on SNF, as both teams are coming off losses.
Green Bay at Seattle, MNF in Seattle, 12th Man vs. Aaron Rodgers & Co....mmm...gonna be a fun one to watch.