Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Final Week in MLB; Nuts & Bolts in the NFL

These guys have their clubs on the verge of the AL playoffs.
A week from tomorrow, will be the final day of the 2012 MLB regular season. The postseason picture is a little clearer in the National League at this point, so lets talk about that first. The Nationals, Reds, and Giants respective won their divisions and/or clinched a playoff berth this past week. With a win tonight, the Braves could be the 4th NL team to punch their ticket to additional game(s) in October. Leaving just one spot left, the second Wild Card spot. This is the first season that an extra WC spot was added in each division, making the past month very interesting to say the least. The St. Louis Cardinals held the spot at this moment but are being chased in the final week by division rivals the Milwaukee Brewers, along with the LA Dodgers. Barring a major meltdown by the Cardinals, look for them to hang on to the second WC spot. The Nationals lead the Reds by 1 game and the Giants by 4 games for the best record in the National League (like that matters this season anyways, see NLDS). In the American League, there is a lot to be determined still with a week to go. No one was clinched a division title, and in the AL Central it seems like nobody wants to win it at all. The Yankees & Orioles are battling it out for the AL East crown. The Consolation prize? The 1st WC spot. In the AL Central the White Sox & Tigers, one of 'em gotta win the division, right? The Rangers should clinch the AL West by the weekend, with the A's looking like a solid choice for the #2 WC spot. Chasing the A's, would be AL West division rival the LA Angels and Tampa Bay Rays. In other news, my Fantasy Baseball team again flamed out of playoffs in the semi-finals, and now fights for a respectable 3rd place finish in the remaining week or so.

To the Gridiron, if you been living under a rock for the past 24 hours heres what you missed. A blown call, by the infamous NFL replacement referees costed the Packers the game. After watching it and following the aftermath of the situation, I instantly started chanting the famous high school chant, "Nuts & Bolts...Nuts & Bolts...THE PACKERS GOT SCREWED! Enough is enough, the replacements need replaced, ASAP. As for my Fantasy Football team, dropped to 1-2 on the season after I watched my bench players almost outscore my starters. #smh MLB Hunt for October NFL Power Rankings

The final straw, it's time to go back to refereeing Junior High games.

News & Notes:

Hot Teams
  • Yankees, 8-2 last 10.
  • Rays, 5-game winning streak.
  • Angels, 3-game winning streak.
  • Mets, 4-game winning streak.
  • Cardinals, 3-game winning streak.
  • Giants, 8-2 last 10.
Cold Teams
  • Blue Jays, 2-8 last 10.
  • Marlins, 4-game losing skid.
  • Rockies, 1-9 last 10.

Week 4 Match-ups I'm looking forward to:
Cleveland at Baltimore, Hey! What better way to grab that 1st W, then on TNF vs. the Ravens.
Minnesota at Detroit, This NFC North match-up, pits the 2-1 Vikes vs. the 1-2 Lions.
San Francisco at NY Jets, Two Head Coaches, not afraid to say whats on their minds, Media Bowl.
New Orleans at Green Bay, Will the Packers be able to rebound after the MNF mishap, and send the Saints to an 0-4 start?
NY Giants at Philadelphia, Things always seem to be exciting/interesting when these two old rivals clash in a pivotal NFC East match-up on SNF.
Chicago at Dallas, historical franchises meet on MNF down in Jerry's World.