Monday, September 10, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Browns can't finish, Eagles rally late to win by 1

D'Qwell Jackson's finish (front flip?) on his pick-6 vs. Vick/Eagles
Recap: Despite 5 turnovers, Eagles rally late, beat Browns by one.
Box Score: Eagles 17, Browns 16 Final

Another season. Another home game. Another season-opener defeat. Since 1999, when the Browns returned to the NFL (was it worth it?) the Browns have hosted the season-opener all but once (down in Tampa Bay to start the 2010 season). However, the Browns moved to 1-13 in those season-openers with their "cant' believe it, same old, how are they going to lose this one, we were right there" one-point lose (17 to 16) lose to the Philadelphia Eagles Sunday afternoon. It's the same old story for the Brownies, who despite forcing 5 Eagles turnovers (4 INT's by Vick), failed to get the job done "finish" and start off yet another LONG season with a heart-breaking 1-point lose. The whole afternoon was set on a "bad omen", when Browns starting QB Brandon Weeden, got trapped under the football field-size American flag when it got unraveled for the singing of the National Anthem. UGH! No other team in the NFL forces 5 TO's and loses let only scores just 16 POINTS in the game! A team that many were predicting to participate in the Super Bowl?, the Eagles didn't look anywhere close to a Super Bowl contender on Sunday up in Cleveland vs. the Browns, but like for the last decade or so, the Browns found another way to not to win. #fireshumur


Dreadful. Terrible. Horrible. Non-existent. Words to describe the Cleveland Browns offense...the past decade. Like seasons past, it was the same old story. Phil Dawson lining up for the 40+ yard FG....snap, hold is good, kick is up....and the FG is Good! Browns tack on another 3 points. The Browns veteran kicker (only guy left from the 1999 squad), has been the Browns offense. It's just ridiculous how pathetic the Browns offense is and has become. Another QB, another RB, different WR's, same story, they can't move the ball and score TOUCHDOWNS! Brandon Weeden, the Browns 28 year old Rookie QB, looked worse then any of the other 20+ QB's the Browns have used since 1999. Completing just 12 of 35 pass attempts, right from the get go he was struggling to throw an accurate pass. To top it all off he threw for a franchise opener-record 4 INT's. What made it worse was seeing RG3's stat line the whole afternoon run on the bottom-line (what if?). As for our stud-rookie RB Trent Richardson, he was held to just 39 yards on 19 carries. Yeah! the explosive playmaking stats we were all looking for, 2 yards a carry. The OL was again bad, WR's can't make catches, and when they do they can't make plays cause the defenders right there to tackle 'em. UGH! Ok, who's everyones call on being the guy to score the Browns 1st offensive touchdown on the season and what game does it come in? Haha, Browns offense a Passing & Running joke since 1999.


A tip of the cap, to the Browns defense. A tough task going up against Vick & Co., I thought the Orange & Brown did a fine job in the game. Forcing 5 TO's, was a big +, for a defensive unit that's not use to takeaways. The Eagles also helped 'em out with a number of costly penalty's during the game. Although, they only got Vick down to the ground twice via the sack, the pressure was non-stop and the Browns were able to land a couple hits/knockdowns to him. D'Qwell Jackson, had the highlight on the day with his 27-yard interception return, that gave the Browns the lead. With some fresh new faces and first-time starters out there, I thought they played well, but in the end it wasn't enough. Still giving up some big plays via the pass & catch and/or run, the defense wasn't near perfect on the afternoon. Allowing the Eagles to drive 91-yards for the GW TD, is unacceptable. I know you can say that they were tired, because they had to play an extra 30 snaps (due to the offense sucking), but that should not be an excuse. You find ways to win, and that my friends is something the Browns can't find a way to do, is win. The Browns couldn't find a way to get that SIXTH turnover on that final drive (via Vick's fumble, or not picking the ball off in the end zone on the 2nd to final play of the drive). It will be nice to see if the defense continues to play as well as they did, as the season goes on. However, we've seen this movie before, without a effective offense, the defense will tire and again be unable to finish the job.

Next Week:
The Browns (0-1) now turn their attention to their in-state/division rivals the Cincinnati Bengals, when they head down into the "Jungle" next Sunday at 1 PM. The Bengals are in Baltimore tonight to face the Ravens on MNF. Come back later this week for the Browns/Bengals preview in this weeks Boomer Report.