Wednesday, July 11, 2012

That is the sound of inevitability...

... It is the sound of your death... Goodbye, Mr. Gainer...

My name... is COREY!
Changes abound in the look here at the newly coined "the rock"
You'll notice the new name and overall face lift.  We hope you like it!

I also want to officially announce my 'almost resignation.'  Boomer will still be here writing full time but as you've noticed, I haven't been able to keep up!  The problem is I like hockey too much and it's the offseason ahhhhhhhh.

This is mostly due to my new job and other hobbies keeping me active (which is good!). The blog started as a way to focus my energies as my life was sucky. Fortunately, my life doesn't suck nearly as bad anymore. Bazinga!
Never seen an episode but boy I do like this phrase!
I still plan on chiming in here and there with bits and pieces throughout the year. I also hope to just play devil's advocate with Boomer to tick him off because it's hilarious. I want the blog to keep going but hopefully in a more decisive direction. Thus the new tagline, an Ohio biased blog. A play on the phrase Ohio based, we hope to give you everything regionalized in this area because well this is home.

I love all you bottom dwellers (except for the Sackman) so please remember to keep livin' the dream...