Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: MLB Trade Deadline

With just under 2 hours left before, the trade deadline, which teams will make a deal before the hour-glass runs out? Looks like the Dodgers have acquired Shane Victorino from the Phillies. The Phillies also look to deal away OF Hunter Pence (SF Giants) and possibly left-handed SP Cliff Lee. The Cubs and Dodgers are in talks of a trade involving right-handed SP Ryan Dempster. Over the weekend, the LA Angels improved (their already, solid starting rotation) when they acquired right-handed SP Zach Greinke from the Milwaukee Brewers. So, continue to check out ESPN.com and/or MLB.com for the lastest news on deadline trades, and see which teams improved their rosters and which teams are looking down the road to next season.
MLB Standings

Trade deadline news & notes:

Red Sox will hold onto SP Beckett, Phillies in limbo with SP Lee.

Hot Teams:
  • Reds (9-1 last 10, before last nights lost, 10-game winning streak)
  • Twins (4-game winning streak)
  • Mariners (5-game winning streak, 8-2 last 10)
  • Braves (6-game winning streak)
Cold Teams
  • Yankees (3-game losing skid, 3-7 last 10)
  • Indians (3-game losing skid, 3-7 last 10)
  • Royals (5-game losing skid, 2-8 last 10)
  • Mets (losing 13 out of 17 since All-Star break)
  • Brewers (2-8 last 10)
  • Astros (1-9 last 10)
  • Giants (5-game losing skid)
  • Rockies (2-8 last 10)
Clubhouse Chat

Cleveland Indians (50-52, 5 GB of 1st place in the AL Central)

  • After a huge series win vs. the Tigers last week, swept by the Twins in Minnesota over the weekend.
  • Starting a series in Kansas City against the last-place Royals tonight.
  • The white flag (if not already) is about to be waved on this 2012 season.
  • Will they deal away any players by the Trade Deadline?
Cincinnati Reds (61-41, 1st place in the NL Central, .5 GB of NL-leaders Washington Nationals)
  • 10-game winning streak was snapped last night at home vs. the Padres, the first of a 4-game series.
  • With Joey Votto due to be back to the Reds lineup sometime this week, the Reds will probably not make any deadline moves to acquire anyone, thats a trade within itself.
  • HUGE!!! 3-game series in the Queen City this weekend against the Pittsburgh Pirates (who as of the start of tonights games are 3 GB of the Redlegs).