Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boomer's Wall of Fame Wednesday

Boomer's Fantasy Baseball Team

Doing things a little different today, for this week's installment of the Wall of Fame. Due to the All-Star Game that was just last night (NL hammered the AL, 8-0) and all the festivities that go along with it all, I thought I would put together a "fantasy/all-star" team of my own. How this will work is that I will have one lifetime player that I have watched growing up and one all-time great at each position around the diamond, sorry no DH. Well, here goes nothing, and remember this is my fantasy baseball team, so YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVER DAM WORD I HAVE TO SAY! Thank you, and Enjoy!

Lifetime Catcher: Mike Piazza, .308 BA, 427 HR's and 1,335 RBI's, 12x All-Star
All-Time Catcher: Johnny Bench, .267 BA, 389 HR's and 1,376 RBI's, 10x Gold Glove winner

Lifetime 3B: Cal "Iron Man" Ripken, Jr., .276 BA, 3,184 Hits, 431 HR's, 1,695 RBI's, 2,632 consecutive games played
All-Time 3B: Pete "Charlie Hustle" Rose, .303 BA, 4,256 all-time leader in Hits, 1,314 RBI's, 17x All-Star

Lifetime SS: Ozzie "The Wizard" Smith, .262 BA, 2,460 Hits, 580 SB's, 13x Gold Glove winner
All-Time SS: Honus "The Flying Dutchman" Wagner, .327 BA, 3,415 Hits, 1,732 RBI's, 8x NL Batting Champ, one of the rarest and most valuable baseball cards

Lifetime 2B: Robbie Alomar, .300 BA, 2,724 Hits, 1,134 RBI's, 474 SB's, 10x Gold Glove winner
All-Time 2B: Joe Morgan, .271 BA, 2,517 Hits, 1,133 RBI's, 689 SB's, 2x NL MVP

Lifetime 1B: Albert Pujols, .326 BA, 457 HR's, 1,375 RBI's, 9x All Star, 3x NL MVP
All-Time 1B: Lou "The Iron Horse" Gehrig, .340 BA, 493 HR's, 1,995 RBI's, 6x World Series Champ

Lifetime LF: Barry Bonds, .298 BA, 762 all-time leader in HR's, 1,996 RBI's, 514 SB's, 7x NL MVP
All-Time LF: Ted "The Kid" Williams, .344 BA, 521 HR's, 1,839 RBI's, 2x Triple Crown winner

Lifetime CF: Ken "Junior" Griffey, Jr., .284 BA, 630 HR's, 2,781 Hits, 10x Gold Glove winner
All-Time CF: Willie "The Say Hey Kid" Mays, .302 BA, 660 HR's, 3,283 Hits, 24x All-Star

Lifetime RF: Tony "Mr. Padre" Gwynn, .338 Ba, 3,141 Hits, 1,138 RBI's, 8x NL Battling Champion
All-Time RF: Babe "the Bambino" Ruth, .342 BA, 714 HR's, 2,217 RBI's, 2,873 Hits, 7x World Series Champion

Lifetime Starting Rotation:
Nolan "The Ryan Express" Ryan, 324 Win's, 5,714 K's, 3.19 ERA, 7 career no-hitters, 8x All-Star
Randy "The Big Unit" Johnson, 303 Win's, 4,875 K's, 3.29 ERA, Pitched a no-hitter (1990) & Perfect Game (2004)
Greg "Mad Dog" Maddux, 355 Win's, 3,371 K's, 3.16 ERA, 18x Gold Glove winner, 4x NL Cy Young winner
Tom Glavine, 305 Win's, 2,607 K's, 3.54 ERA, 10x All-Star, 2x NL Cy Young winner
Orel "Bulldog" Hershiser, 204 Win's, 2.014 K's, 3.48 ERA, 3x All-Star

Lifetime Closers:
Mariano "Mo" Rivera, 608 SV's, 2.21 ERA, 1,119 K's, 12x All Star, 5x World Series Champion
Trevor Hoffman, 601 SV's, 2.87 ERA, 1,133 K's, 7x All Star, 2x Rolaids Relief Man of the Year

All-Time Starting Rotation:
Bob "Bullet Bob" Feller, 266 Wins, 3.25 ERA, 2,581 K's, World Series Champion (1948), 8x All-Star
Sandy Koufax, 165 W's, 2.76 ERA, 4x WS Champion, 3x Cy Young winner, 4 no-hitters, Perfect Game
Cy Young, 511 W's, 2.63 ERA, Perfect Game, 3 no-hitters, MLB record 7,354 2/3 innings pitched, along with 749 complete games, with a MLB record 25.3 consecutive hitless innings
Robert "Lefty" Grove, 300 Win's, 2,266 K's, 3.06 ERA, 6x All-Star, 2x pitchers Triple Crown winner
Tom "The Franchise" Seaver, 311 W's, 3,640 K's, 2.86 ERA, 3x NL Cy Young, 1 no-hitter

All-Time Closers:
Rollie Fingers, 341 SV's, 1,299 K's, 2.90 ERA, 3x WS Champ, 1981 AL MVP/Cy Young winner
Bruce Sutter, 300 SV's, 861 K's, 2.83 ERA, 4x Rolaids Relief Man of the Year, famous splitter pitch

Lifetime Manger: Joe Torre, 2,326 managerial win's, .538 winning %, 4-time World Series Champion
All-Time Manager: Joe McCarthy, 2,126 managerial win's, highest winning % of all-time (.615)