Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: The 1st Week of the 2nd Half

What is in store for the Reds during the 2nd half, get back quick Joey!
The MLB 2nd half kicked off this past weekend, meaning theres still 73 games left for most teams and the trade deadline is right around the corner (July 31st). Some big named guys that might be on the trading block: Justin Upton, Cole Hamels, Carlos Quentin, Brandon Lyon, Kelly Johnson, Ryan Dempster, and Zack Greinke. I would keep an eye on these guys, because they could all have different jersey's to put on during the month of August and into the playoff push. The additional 5th playoff spot (2nd Wild Card) in each league will make the rest of the season very interesting with 6-7 teams in each league battling for 2 spots. Updated MLB Standings

A few buyers @ the Deadline                 A few sellers @ the Deadline
- Yankees                                                - Phillies
- White Sox                                             - Astros
- Orioles                                                  - Cubs
- Pirates                                                   - Padres
- Reds                                                      - Blue Jays
- Dodgers                                                - Brewers
- Braves                                                  - Diamondbacks

Hot Teams

  • Tigers (8-2, last 10)
  • A's (4-game winning streak, 9-1 last 10)
  • Braves (7-game winning streak, 8-2 last 10)
  • Cubs (4-game winning streak)
Cold Teams
  • Royals (2-8, last 10)
  • Mets (4-game losing streak)
  • Astros (2-8 last 10)
Cleveland Indians 46-43 (3 GB of 1st place)
  • Lost 2 out of 3 up in Toronto over the weekend.
  • Started a 4-game series last night down in St. Pete vs. the Rays (won 3-2)
  • More on the Indians in Thursday's Boomer Report.
Cincinnati Reds 50-39 (1st place in NL Central by one-game)
  • Got the brooms out over the weekend with a home sweep of the rival St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Dropped the first of a 4-game series last night vs. Diamondbacks (5-3).
  • More on the Reds in Thursday's Boomer Report.