Sunday, March 4, 2012

NHL and NBA Predictions

Gainer here! With NHL teams down under 20 games left to play and the NBA trade deadline only a week and a half away, I am here to provide a little insight into each league's finale.  You'll be hearing a lot more from me in the coming weeks regarding these 2 leagues because Boomer is going to be completely wrapped up in NCAA March Madness to even know what else is happening in the world.  Lemme know if you like my choices or not.  Enjoy bottom dwellers!

In the Eastern Conference:
Locks for Playoff Spots:

  • NY Rangers (Conference Winner)
  • Boston, 
  • Pittsburgh, 
  • Philadelphia, 
  • New Jersey and 
  • Ottawa.  
That leaves 2 spots for Winnipeg, Florida, Washington, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, and Toronto.  One of Winnipeg, Florida, Washington, and Tampa have to win the Southeast Division and get the 3rd seed and my gut tells me it's Tampa.  They are experienced and are riding a red hot Steven Stamkos and his 47 goals.  I am also going to take the red hot goaltending of the Buffalo Sabres to sneak in and grab the 8th seed.  Toronto, even, with the new coach, fails to make the playoffs and the whole city cries.  Florida revamped the team but blew it in the end.  The Jets are close but not yet.  And the Caps, talk about an epic failure.  Ovechkin needs to do some soul searching this summer.

In the Western Conference:
Locks for Playoff Spots:

  • Vancouver (Conference Winner)
  • Detroit, 
  • St. Louis, 
  • Nashville, and 
  • Chicago.  
That leaves 3 spots open among Phoenix, San Jose, Dallas, Los Angeles, Calgary, Anaheim, Minnesota, and Colorado. All 5 Pacific Division teams are battling for the 3 seed and my money is on San Jose.  I also really like Phoenix because of HC Dave Tippett and a balanced line up offensively and defensively.  That leaves one spot open to grab and I think it's the LA Kings.  Jon Quick has been lights out between the pipes and they just have too much talent not to make the playoffs.  Wild are done as well as the Avalanche.  Calgary will "Flame" out towards the end because Kiprusoff can only do so much for that team by himself.  Dallas and Anaheim could make serious runs but the Ducks are just too far behind.  The Stars are my sleeper pick but like last year, they missed out on the playoffs the final day.


  • Malkin wins Art Ross for most points in the season and Stamkos wins Rocket Richard for most goals.
  • Hart Trophy (MVP) Finalists: Malkin (Pitt), Stamkos (TB), and Lundqvist (NYR)
  • Jack Adams (Coach) Finalists: Torterella (NYR), Hitchcock (St. Louis), and MacLean (Ottawa)
  • Norris (Defenseman) Finalists:  Lidstrom (Det), Karlsson (Ottawa), and Weber (Nashville)
  • Vezina (Goalie) Finalists:  Lundqvist (NYR), Quick (LA), and Howard (Detroit)

*There are other awards but these are really the only ones that matter.

nba logo

In the NBA, teams are starting to finally separate themselves.  It's only a 66 game season and teams are past the 35 game mark and will only have 20+ once March 15 at 3pm hits.

Eastern Conference:
Playoff Locks: (this is easy)

  • Chicago
  • Miami (Conference Winner)
  • Indiana
  • Philadelphia
  • Orlando
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • New York
Let's face it, the Bucks, our home state Cavs, Detroit, Toronto, or New Jersey just don't have enough pieces right meow.  Chicago and Miami will battle down the stretch for top seeding but Miami will pull off the #1 seed.  Look for the bottom 4 teams to be relatively active come trading deadline time.  Orlando is constantly surrounded by Dwight Howard rumors.  The Hawks have had a core that can't get past the 2nd round.  The Celtics are super old and are "rumored" to be shopping Rondo (yeah right!) and the Knicks could do anything!  I think the Celtics make a big splash at the deadline but keep Rondo.

Western Conference:
Playoff Locks: (not so easy)

  • Oklahoma City (Conference Winner)
  • San Antonio
  • LA Clippers (funny right?)
  • LA Lakers
  • Dallas

That leaves 3 spots open for Memphis, Houston, Denver, Minnesota, Portland, Utah, Phoenix and Golden State.  Memphis proves once again last year wasn't a fluke.  I don't like Houston, Phoenix, or Golden State in the long run.  That leaves Denver, Utah, Minnesota, and Portland.  Watch for Denver or Utah to make a deadline deal to keep them in it.  Portland was seemingly really close but devastating injuries to Brandon Roy and Greg Oden have put those hopes on the back burner.  They should be active though.  I think the Timberwolves are close but not quite.  Rubio and Love are dead sexy though.  Denver and Portland snag the final 2 spots.  Watch out for Dallas and the Lakers because they could be the 2 most active teams come March 15.  Thunder are just too in sync right meow to derail the train they are cruising in.

MVP: Kevin Durant (OKC) and wins scoring title
Rookie: Kyrie Irving (Cavs) all but locked up at this point
Defensive Player: Dwight Howard (most likely the Magic)
Coach:  Frank Vogel (Pacers) Who picked them finishing in the top half of the East?
Sixth Man: James Harden (OKC)