Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Beware the Ides of March...and Gainer's Thrashing"

The soothsayer was cut off before saying that last part.  It's honestly a crazy day today!

First, we have 16 tournament games beginning in hoops, the NBA trade deadline coming up at 3pm today, the best hockey player in the world returns tonight at 7pm, the frenzy that has been the NFL free agency market, and Boomer will most likely be out of commission for a few days as his brother is getting married in Vegas!

I will try to keep you entertained for the time being by touching upon these items as well as a couple extra nuggets.

First, NCAA madness begins!  Be honest, did most of you find TruTV on your guide and watch the First Four?  I caught a few minutes only because my fitness center was turned to it.  Cal proved to be a wasted pick as I'm sure Drexel is shedding a few tears.  Since most of you bottom dwellers are local and known to me and Boomer, I will go ahead say these are the games I've got my eye on:

  • Louisville at 1:40
  • UK at 6:50
  • WVU at 7:20
  • OSU at 9:50
I poke fun at TruTV getting games but honestly it's super nice for them, TBS, TNT, and CBS to all carry games so we can see all of them in their entirety.  Let the Bracket Busting begin!

The NBA has been a soap opera for weeks now.  Dwight Howard can't make up his mind.  Head Coach Mike D'Antoni of the Knicks just resigned.  And the Heat suck.  It's probably the one professional sport where individuals trump team in terms of overwhelming personalities by the majority of the players.  It's frustrating to hear rumors of D'Antoni leaving because of Carmelo.  Melo (not the Syracuse suspended center) is single handily ruining this team.  Linsanity was cruising this team up the East standings until Melo returned and now they can't win (save last night in a blowout of the Blazers, wtheck!)  Howard on the other hands wants to stay in Orlando, at least for the end of season.  Management is freaking out because they need him to "opt in" for his final season so they don't get screwed by him just walking away i.e. LeLoser James heading to South Beach to be butt buddies with D. Wade.  Side rant, hasn't LBJ officially now ruined Wade's character and reputation?  Wade's attitude and body language has been nothing short of crap and I personally blame LeBron and his giant ego.  Hopefully we'll have some answer in a few hours regarding moving pieces (important ones I might add).  Deron Williams wants Dwight at the Nets but if not probably heads himself to the Mavs.  Crazy.

Yes, my man Sid the Kid Crosby makes his 2nd return tonight after dealing with head/neck issues the past 15 months.  This time he returns against the good New York team, the Rangers, who sit atop of the Eastern Conference, 6 points ahead of the Pens.  The good news for Pitt fans?  Stud goalie Henrik Lundqvist is out most likely with flu like symptoms.  They'll face Biron, who's know slouch, but they are ripe for the picking!  In probably more important news for Pens fans is the return of D-man Kris Letang, their power play quarterback.  His absence has been more missed than Sid's thanks to the re-emergence of Malkin and the play of James Neal, Chris Kunitz, and Jordan Staal.  Letang brings balance to the back end and provides goalie Marc-Andre Fleury another stud to help out.  It will be nice to see everyone back and in action at Madison Square Garden tonight at 7pm on the NHL Network.  

Well, it's official, the Peyton Manning watch is ON.  He's flown out to Denver, Arizona, met with Miami in Indy, and yesterday he visited several hours with Tennessee.  With Reggie Wayne just re-upping in Indy and the Fins trading Brandon Marshall, I just don't see Manning signing in South Beach with no one to throw to or a reliable running game.  Titans are tempting since he's a Volunteer but I see him fitting best with the Cardinals and Larry Fitzgerald.  Madden 12 cover boy Peyton Hillis and Brown flame out signed with the Chiefs and is another addition to Cleveland's long list of losers and betrayals.  I think the big story yesterday was the loyalty shown by Calvin Johnson of the Lions.  Granted, he literally got the biggest contract I've ever seen (for a WR?! Really!?).  But it's a true testament to where the Lions are and where they used to be in the dark ages aka the Millen Era.  Apparently Mario Williams is heading to Buffalo where he'll have a great first half of the season, then fall apart like the team usually does.  Tampa Bay is certainly trying to make a splash with big signings of Vincent Jackson and others.  Besides Manning, it will be interesting to see where Mike Wallace and Brandon Jacobs end up.  Final thought, I want to see how Jim Harbaugh handles Randy Moss this year, should be fun.  This has already been one of the most active offseasons I recall in NFL history.  It's exciting!

Finally, congrats are in order for the Comstock family as my man Boomer's older brother Matt is getting married (finally!) this weekend in Las Vegas.  Boomer has literally been counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds to this trip.  He flies out tonight and frankly, I'm not sure if we'll ever see him again.  He's a passionate Hangover fan (both movies) and has a penchant for getting a little carried away.  I hope the best for the future Mr. and Mrs. Comstock, congratulations!

More for me and you!!!