Monday, March 5, 2012

NHL and NBA Games of the Week

Gainer is gearing up hardcore now that it is March! Not only will I be covering the NHL grind but also the NBA!!! With that, I will be focusing on ONE game from each league each night


Eastern Conference
1NY Rangers644215791393522-7-220-8-5179133+466-2-2Won 1
2Boston643823379317219-12-219-11-1209150+594-5-1Lost 2
3Florida6531221274274716-9-815-13-4163184-214-5-1Won 1
4Pittsburgh643821581308320-8-218-13-3207167+408-2-0Won 5
5Philadelphia643621779342515-10-521-11-2210191+195-5-0Won 2
6New Jersey6536245772610316-12-320-12-2180175+55-4-1Lost 1
7Ottawa673425876295217-13-317-12-5202198+46-3-1Lost 2
8Winnipeg663127870274420-10-411-17-4173186-135-3-2Won 1
 Washington653228569311321-10-211-18-3172184-124-6-0Lost 2
 Tampa Bay653128668292320-9-211-19-4184219-357-3-0Won 4
 Buffalo653027868246416-11-714-16-1162183-216-2-2Won 3
 Toronto653028767273316-12-514-16-2194201-72-7-1Won 1
 NY Islanders662829965235315-14-513-15-4155195-404-5-1Won 2
 Carolina6524271462240617-13-67-14-8171197-264-2-4Lost 2
 Montreal6625311060214812-15-813-16-2170184-142-7-1Lost 1
Western Conference
1Vancouver664117890347719-7-422-10-4209161+486-2-2Lost 1
2St. Louis664118789374626-4-415-14-3169131+387-3-0Won 1
3Phoenix653323975285617-12-416-11-5170165+57-2-1Lost 2
4Detroit664320389367227-4-216-16-1209153+566-3-1Lost 1
5Nashville653820783353421-7-517-13-2184166+186-2-2Won 1
6Chicago673624779324322-7-414-17-3202195+77-3-0Won 3
7Dallas663526575305418-12-317-14-2174178-47-1-2Won 2
8San Jose643324773276319-11-214-13-5179163+162-7-1Lost 2
 Los Angeles6530231272264717-13-413-10-8142139+34-4-2Won 2
 Colorado673429472277118-15-116-14-3171180-96-4-0Won 1
 Calgary6629251270263716-10-513-15-7159181-223-3-4Lost 2
 Anaheim6628281066253617-14-211-14-8166186-205-4-1Lost 1
 Minnesota6628281066226815-12-413-16-6143180-373-5-2Lost 4
 Edmonton642533656223416-13-49-20-2170192-224-5-1Lost 2
 Columbus652038747173511-18-39-20-4153214-614-5-1Won 2

Monday, March 5th
Buffalo @ Winnipeg 8pm on NBC Sports
Winnipeg seems to be finishing strong unlike last year (as the Thrashers) and Buffalo, led by Ryan Miller, are making a hot run.

Tuesday, March 6th
Minnesota @ Colorado 9pm on NBC Sports
Both teams struggling hardcore right now when they need to be getting points.  This will be the last chance for the Wild to stay in it at all.

Wednesday, March 7th
Toronto @ Pittsburgh 7:30pm on NBC Sports
Welp, the Leafs fired their coach and are 1-0 under newbie Randy Carlyle.  Can they keep it going against my Pens?

Thursday, March 8th
Tampa Bay @ Washington 7pm on NHL Network
HUGE game for both squads.  I got Tampa winning the Southeast but neither are in the playoff hunt.  Caps can keep their season alive.  Ovechkin vs. Stamkos.  Awesome.

Friday, March 9th
Los Angeles @ Detroit 7:30pm
LA seems to be finding their stride just a little bit and need to show it against West stud Detroit.  LA goalie Quick is dynamite versus new All-Star goalie Jimmy Howard of Det.

Saturday, March 10th
Buffalo @ Ottawa 7pm
Northeast Division rivals and crucial points on the line for both.  Ottawa may be a lock for me but they need to keep pace by beating division rivals.

Sunday, March 11th
Toronto @ Washington 5pm
Toronto needs this one to stay alive.  The Caps have this game to cap off a big week for them.  We'll see which team wants it more.

NBA (apologies for highlighted Hawks stuff, I steal my friend's Insider account so suck it)

Eastern Conference
1Chicago318.795-14-217-67-121-697.788.3+9.4Won 68-2
2Miami289.757215-213-76-221-4103.194.4+8.7Lost 28-2
3Indiana2312.657611-412-83-215-995.991.9+4.0Won 66-4
4Philadelphia2216.5798 ½14-88-81-216-694.287.2+6.9Lost 13-7
5Orlando2414.6326 ½13-711-76-318-994.191.5+2.6Won 17-3
6Atlanta2215.595812-610-96-217-893.391.5+1.8Won 24-6
7Boston1917.52810 ½14-85-96-218-1090.989.4+1.5Won 45-5
8New York1819.4861211-97-104-412-1196.394.9+1.5Lost 16-4
 Milwaukee1423.378168-86-153-410-1495.398.0-2.7Lost 32-8
 Cleveland1322.371168-115-113-48-1793.798.2-4.4Lost 53-7
 Toronto1225.324186-126-133-57-1689.493.5-4.2Won 14-6
 Detroit1226.31618 ½9-113-152-79-1889.195.9-6.9Lost 14-6
 New Jersey1226.31618 ½3-139-133-49-1992.999.3-6.4Won 14-6
 Washington828.22221 ½5-143-142-56-1992.9101.3-8.3Won 13-7
 Charlotte431.114252-132-180-83-2486.7101.2-14.5Lost 51-9
Western Conference
1Oklahoma City298.784-15-114-75-121-6102.196.2+5.9Lost 18-2
2San Antonio2512.676414-311-98-318-998.995.1+3.9Lost 17-3
3LA Clippers2213.629612-510-83-313-1197.895.6+2.2Won 15-5
4LA Lakers2314.622617-26-125-316-794.091.4+2.6Won 38-2
5Memphis2215.595715-57-105-413-1393.991.9+2.0Won 48-2
6Dallas2216.5797 ½14-78-93-316-1194.291.3+2.9Won 15-5
7Houston2117.5538 ½15-66-114-413-1597.296.6+0.6Lost 35-5
8Denver2117.5538 ½10-811-93-412-17103.7101.0+2.7Won 35-5
 Minnesota1919.50010 ½10-109-92-314-1097.496.5+0.9Won 16-4
 Portland1819.4861113-75-123-413-1498.594.5+4.0Lost 33-7
 Utah1719.47211 ½14-63-133-411-1696.497.5-1.1Lost 13-7
 Phoenix1720.4591210-97-115-410-1494.596.3-1.7Won 35-5
 Golden State1420.41213 ½9-95-114-48-1297.099.8-2.8Lost 24-6
 Sacramento1225.324178-64-192-58-1694.8102.3-7.5Lost 32-8
 New Orleans928.243204-165-121-74-1988.493.6-5.3Lost 15-5

Monday, March 5th
Indiana @ Chicago 8pm
Pacers are going to be in a midst of a huge week for them starting with the East leading Bulls.  Can the Pacers prove they are for real?

Tuesday, March 6th
Atlanta @ Indiana 7pm
Hawks came off a huge win over OKC.  They are defined by their inconsistency led by Mr. Inconsistency himself Josh Smith.  Indiana stands in their way.

Wednesday, March 7th
Boston @ Philadelphia 7pm
Philly, like Indiana, are 2 of the biggest surprises over halfway thru the season.  Boston came off a great win over NYK and are trying to find their footing.  Philly is looking to showing they aren't a fluke.

Thursday, March 8th
Orlando @ Chicago 8pm on TNT
2 powerhouses of the East.  Derrick Rose vs. Dwight Howard.  Definitely want to check this one out on TNT.

Friday, March 9th
LA Clippers @ San Antonio 8:30pm
Chris Paul and Tony Parker.  Blake Griffin and Tim Duncan.  The young and old.  The Spurs still got it but the Clippers look to dethrone these geezers.

Saturday, March 10th
Indiana @ Miami 7:30pm
The Pacers finish the week at Miami.  The Heat have lost a couple this past week and look to get back onto track.  Indy can keep the misery alive!

Sunday, March 11th
Philadelphia @ New York 12pm
The Knicks look to take over the Atlantic Division but Philadelphia wants to show it's the real deal by putting the Knicks in its place.