Thursday, December 20, 2012

How'd We Do This Year?

On 12/31/11, we made bold claims about all sports...
On 1/1/12, I was hoping to have these 5 resolutions come true...

In regards to my top 5, here's what I gathered:

  1. The Pens got healthy (Malkin MVP!!!! and Sid played...finally) but got steamrolled in the first round of the playoffs by my least favorite NHL team the Philadelphia Flyers.  
  2. I feel like I'm half right so far in regards to my NFL teams.  The Jets were an absolute train wreck this season.  Sanchez stinks.  They didn't use Tebow at all.  No one's job is safe in the Meadowlands.  The Cowboys control their destiny and even won a December game!  However don't hold your breath with their final two games against the Saints and potentially a playoff spot/NFC East crown on the line game against the Redskins.
  3. I no longer care about UK basketball but they indeed did finally win the NCAA title.  UGA finally showed up in the SEC Championship game but blew it in the final seconds allowing Alabama (instead of LSU) into the national title game...again.  My alma mater Louisville and our Ohio State Buckeyes also made the Final Four!
  4. Chipper had a fun farewell tour in his final major league season making the All-Star Game and getting a hit in his final regular season at bat.  The Braves even made the 1 game playoff but lost to those stupid Cardinals.  I'm staying true to my word (like UK basketball) and leaving the Braves behind for future glory of Pittsburgh Pirate mania!  Baseball still sucks
  5. The Americans had one of their best distance running results in the Olympics in many years getting Silvers in the Men's 10,000m and Men's 1500m runs.  Usain Bolt unfortunately won the 100m dash again but it was nice to see Justin Gatlin back in prime competition to take the bronze.  USA USA!
In our BIG, BOLD PREDICTIONS, here's what happened:
  • College Football - Boomer picked Alabama and I picked LSU, crap...
    • Boomer 1 - Gainer 0
  • NFL - Boomer and I both picked the Packers to win it all, we both suck, ugh
  • College Basketball - Boomer picked OSU over UK but I picked UK baby!
    • Boomer 1 - Gainer 1
  • NBA - I picked the right Finals match up but picked the Thunder over Miami whereas Boomer went with the LOLakers.  I get some credit here...
    • Boomer 1 - Gainer 1.5
  • MLB - Showing our true colors, we picked our hometown teams and it smashed our dreams, not even close
In the end, I scrape by with the victory because picking both finalists counts for something.  Picking one does not.  Yes, this was entirely biased and feelings are intended to be hurt.

Look for my new resolutions here soon as well as our BIG, BOLD PREDICTIONS in the coming days.