Saturday, December 31, 2011


These are Garrett and Corey’s predictions for the 2012 sports year including the College Football, NFL, NCAA Basketball, NHL, NBA, MLB, and a special commentary at the end for a special event this year!

Corey:  First up, the first event of the calendar year, is the BCS Championship between LSU and Alabama.  Garrett, your thoughts?

Garrett:  2 words, ROLL TIDE.  This time around Alabama capitalizes on offensive opportunities and shows why they had the #1 defense all year slowing down LSU’s offensive attack.  SCORE:  Bama 17 LSU 10. Fun fact: Nick Saban becomes the first coach to win 2 BCS titles with 2 different schools

Corey:  Even though I disagree with what you say, I will defend to the death your right to say it.  LSU wins again but in a prettier fashion.  2 words, Honey Badger.  I hate his guts but he’s a gamer.  Special teams wins it again for the Mad Hatter.  SCORE:  LSU 24 Bama 21

Corey:  More football this time around with the SUPER BOWL, heading into the final week, a few teams jockeying for position but most playoff teams are pretty much set.  It was almost a dream season for the Packers until they lost to whatever team that is in Kansas City.  However, it looks like a repeat for the cheese heads as they ONCE AGAIN beat the Steelers in a rematch.  SCORE:  Pack 28 Steelers 24

Garrett:  Not since 04-05 has a team repeated as Super Bowl champs until this year.  The Packers squeeze by the Saints in the NFC title game and house whatever AFC team decides to show up.  SCORE:  Packers 40 AFC 20

Corey:  Solid football analysis right there if you ask me!  On to a little basketball.  Let’s cap off March Madness with who we think is cutting down the nets in the Big Easy come April.  Boomer, who ya got?

Garrett:   So far this season, 4 teams have been a notch above the others:  Ohio State, Kentucky, North Carolina and Syracuse.  These 4 teams end up in New Orleans with Ohio State erasing past demons beating an SEC team Kentucky on the back of Jared Sullinger.  SCORE:  OSU 62 UK 60

Corey:  You know that kind of hurts my feelings right?  Don’t care who the Final Four is but I do agree Kentucky goes to the championship game.  However, they obviously win it because Thad Matta doesn’t know what a bench is and Calipari is just due for some good luck right?  SCORE:  UK 72 Opponent 64

Corey:  On to my least favorite sport of these categories and that’s professional basketball.  What a joke, I don’t even want to give a prediction but in the spirit of this blog, I’ll attempt it for humor’s sake.  I despise LeBron and the Heat but they make it back to the Finals.  They are defeated by another West foe but this time it is my sleeper pick:  Kevin Durant’s OKC Thunder who win it in 7.  SCORE: OKC 98 MIA 90

Garrett:  I like your OKC pick however I believe we finally get to see the Finals matchup the media has been waiting for for years.  The LA Lakers versus the Miami Heat.  Kobe versus Lebron.  Kobe wins his 6th NBA title tying MJ.  Lakers in 7.  P.S. I hate LBJ’s face and everything about him.  SCORE:  LAL 94 MIA 86

Corey:  Ok, enough of that crap finally, on to a sport I know everyone has been dying to hear about and America’s past time, the National Hockey League!  Alright Garrett, who’s holding Lord Stanley above their head come June?

Garrett:  Great, my least followed sport.  I’m just going to throw in some guesses here.  The San Jose Sharks make their first appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals however let’s party like it’s 1994.  The Ryan Callahan led New York Rangers have a parade down Wall Street with Lord Stanley winning in 6.  SCORE:  NYR 2 SJS 1 (OT)

Corey:  Dang Garrett, you almost sound like you know what you are talking about.  I could be a sell out here and go with my Pens but I won’t cheapen this blog more so than it already is.  Unfortunately I have to sell my soul here and pick my least favorite team the Philadelphia Flyers to win it in 5 games in a rematch with the Chicago Blackhawks from 2 years ago.  I hate my life.  Giroux is awesome.  SCORE: PHI 4 CHI 3

Corey:  I just realized that these championships all take place in the first 6 months of the year and we have to wait nearly 4 more months to crown an MLB champ.  Just another fact proving baseball is just too long and boring to hold most people’s interest.  Nevertheless, third time is the freaking charm for the Texas Rangers because I’m in love with Josh Hamilton.  Rangers are ticked, sweep my beloved Braves.  SCORE: TEX 3 ATL 1

Garrett:  In a matchup that no one would predict, besides yours truly, we will have an I-71 World Series featuring the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians.  Again, it’s heartbreak in Cleveland.  Reds in 7.  SCORE:  CIN 5 CLE 4

Corey:  Wow, I should shut down this entire blog before we even get started based on that bull crap of an answer.  I would say you’re stupid but I don’t have to.  Moving on, our special guest in our predictions for 2012 is the London Summer Olympics!  As former track athletes, the Summer Games hold a special place in our hearts.  Besides the obvious patriotism factor, this is just a chance to see the best athletes in the world.  So Boomer, what are you most excited about come August?

Garrett:  The return of Michael Phelps!  It’s hard to imagine Michael repeating his 2008 performance but I do believe there are at least 2-4 gold medals within grasp at these games.  A side note, I’m really interested in the track events with Usain Bolt going up against Tyson Gay.  Also, because it’s obvious, the distance events because I just want to see an American medal in something, anything.  I also want to see Team USA Men’s Basketball repeat with a probable new look depth chart.

Corey:  Speaking of Phelps, I could really eat a footlong sub right now.  I’m very excited for the 2012 Summer Games but only because of the track events.  All the other sports are rather irrelevant in my mind except maybe the gymnastics because that stuff is impressive.  As much as I’d love to see Americans medal in the distance events, I’m a realist and look forward to faster times.  And like Boomer, I want to see USA back on top for the fastest man in the world.  Bolt’s a freak of nature, what a tool.  USA USA USA!