Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gainer's Top 5 Sports New Year's Resolutions

1) If you don't know, I might be a big Pittsburgh Penguins fan.  2011 might have been one of the worst in recent memory for Pens fans.  It started with the epic concussion-gate that was and still is Captain Sidney Crosby then followed by a blown out knee that ruined Geno Malkin's season.  Injuries and suspensions have decimated their lineup and hopefully 2012 will bring better news, especially for Sid and their All-Star defensemen Kris Letang.  It is not only good for Pittsburgh but good for the entire league!

2) My NFL teams figuring out how not to suck at life.  I'm of course referring to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Jets.  They've been quite the choke artists since I started following football in the mid 1990s.  Tony Romo and Mark Sanchez will once again be under heavy scrutiny this off season.  Mark can't throw a ball downfield or to the right team.  Tony can't win a game in December.  It's frustrating...

3) University of Kentucky basketball and University of Georgia football.  Coaches John Calipari and Mark Richt have gotten these programs back to relevance and a contender year in and year out.  However, they just can't seem to get over that final hump to be National Title contenders.  Hopefully Coach Cal can get the Cats back into the Final Four and the Bulldogs can get off to a much better start and not poop the bed in an SEC Championship Game.

4)  Baseball not to suck.  I know this will never come true again as I can't stand watching games anymore.  However, I do miss my childhood passion of the Atlanta Braves.  Chipper Jones is still my favorite player and hopefully with the added playoff spot in each league, they can find that magic I remember in the 1990s.  That or just play less than 162 games.  My goodness that is so many games!

5) Last but not least, a strong American showing throughout the Olympic Trials and Olympic Games in the track & field events.  I'm still a runner at heart (trying to get back into it!) and I would love to see an American step up and usurp the African dominance in long distance running and Usain Bolt in the sprints.  London should provide quality weather conditions which are ideal for distance running.  My fingers are crossed that the Americans can finally take a step forward into being competitive again.

*Special Addition*
I know it is impossible but I would truly enjoy another NBA lockout.  The players just walk up and down the court, whine about money ALL the time, and the owners and commissioner conspire to make certain teams great by approving and declining big time trades.  See Chris Paul.  Like the great comedian Gallagher once said, "The NBA should bring back the pole under the basket."  We'll see if LeBron still throws it down with authority...