Friday, January 13, 2012

Gainer's Friday the 13th

I woke up this morning in one of those hazy dream states thinking "Boy, it seems like my alarm should have gone off already."  As I picked up my phone, I noticed daylight creeping in behind the curtains and saw the screen flash 9:35am.  In a split second reaction, I realized that my shift at Giant Eagle started at 9am and I proceeded to use...well, I'll let Billy Bob Thornton show you

I then rushed to get dressed and grab my stuff as I headed out the door.  I just threw on my glasses, took a piss, and ran down to the car.  It barely started in the freezing cold after last night's windy snow barrage.  I got to work around 9:47 when I officially clocked in.  Luckily no one really cares and I wasn't in trouble.  I was still in a sour mood though.  Stocking beer was my duty until 1pm.  It was really one of a few times where I just wanted to open up a few cases and just black out in the beer cooler.

Unfortunately for Giant Eagle right now, the old First Merit Bank or whatever shut down and a Huntington Bank moved in.  I love banks, don't get me wrong.  In fact, $100 to start a checking account sounded pretty sexy but I was literally stalked by Omar and Faye all afternoon trying to get me to open an account.  I'm not really a violent person but I was uber close to goin' crazy ginger on everyone in the store.

Seriously, I'll find you...

The day ended pretty decent except I had to stock some health and beauty care products and I literally was stuck shelving tampons and feminine products.  As women walked through the aisle, I don't know who felt more awkward.  I then proceeded to finally clock out for the day.  I walked out to my car and it wouldn't start.  I almost cried.  What a terrible day.  Luckily my main man Boomer of this blog stepped up his mad game, drove out to meet me in the parking lot and we jump started the car.  Also, big props to the random black dude who helped us.  Apparently he had done this before with a Chrysler car like mine and helped me from blowing up my computer in the car and wasting $1200 like he had done with his son's car.  Of course that was all after Garrett and I spent 10 minutes in the freezing cold just looking for my dang battery.  It's hidden underneath and I had no idea.  I almost opened the trunk!

I think Stewie and the rest of the Griffins best describe how I feel about today.

Of course I got home and since it was cold out, my apartment was a solid 54 degrees inside.  What a day...on a sports related note.  If this is what I have to suffer to see BOTH the Blue Jackets and Penguins win tonight.  Then so be it!!!!!!!  Fingers crossed my car will start tomorrow