Friday, January 20, 2012

The 2012 NFL Conference Championship Match-Ups

One step away from the Super Bowl. Can you smell it?!  

 #2 Baltimore Ravens (13-4) vs. #1 New England Patriots (14-3)
Foxborough, Massachusetts January 22, 2012 3:00 PM (EST)
Line: NE by 9

As a Browns fan, I would like nothing more for this game to end in a tie. We all know that’s not going to happen, so I guess I will give you a little take on this game between two-teams, well frankly, I have no love for. Baltimore is 1-6 all-time vs. New England, however, that one-win did come in the two-teams Wild Card game two seasons ago (Ravens 33 to 14 in Wild Card @ Foxboro). The match-up that will be the differences in this game will be Patriots QB Tom Brady vs. the Ravens Defense. If it wasn’t for DREW BREES! Tom Brady would have had the all-time single season record for passing yards in a season. What can you say about the guy, he wins football games and he’s got everything (including not one, but TWO baby mama’s), but you have to respect him and acknowledge he is one of the greatest QB’s from this generation (arguably of all-time). If the Ravens have any chance in this one, they have to pressure Brady early and often. They also have to generate some sort of offense vs. one of the worst statistical defenses in the NFL. Will the Ravens finally get over the playoff hump and into the Super Bowl in the Harbaugh/Flacco era or will the Patriots go to their 5th Super Bowl in the Brady era? It sucks that one of these two teams have to be in the Super Bowl representing the AFC (i.e. the Pittsburgh Steelers last season), but I’ll lend towards Brady and home-field advantage in this one. Predictions: Patriots 31, Ravens 20

Fun Facts: Tom Brady attended the University of Michigan (which as of this post STILL SUCKS); Joe Flacco attended the University of Delaware. Both starting QB’s in this game spent their college days wearing the same design on their helmets (Check it out).

 #4 New York Giants (11-7) vs. #2 San Francisco 49ers (14-3)
San Francisco, CA January 22, 2012 6:30 PM (EST)
Line: SF by 3

What is this? Have we all got into our time-traveling machines (I prefer Doc Brown’s DeLorean) and traveled back to the 1980’s. It’s fitting that old Candlestick Park gets to host this meeting between two legendary playoff rivals. This meeting marks the 8th time the two teams have played each other in the playoffs since 1982. The last time the two teams played each other in the NFC Championship Game was 1991, with the Giants winning that game (15 to 13 @ Candlestick), ending the 49ers chance of a third straight Super Bowl championship. The Niners won the regular season meeting this past season (Week 10, 27 to 20 @ Candlestick Park). The Giants are 4-0 in NFC Championship Games. This one is really a classic coin-flip (toss-up), both teams have great defenses and are both playing good football the last couple of weeks, especially the Giants (did you see that beat down they put on the Packers last week). Well, it’s a pretty good chance you are going to get at least one Harbaugh brother into the Super Bowl, I think it’s the one playing at home this week. Predictions: 49ers 24, Giants 21

Fun Fact: Both starting QB’s were back-to-back #1 overall picks in the NFL Draft (Eli Manning, 2004 & Alex Smith, 2005).