Monday, January 23, 2012

Gainer's Top NHL Games of the Week

It's time for the second installment of the NHL games of the week!  Last week was really good and was capped off with NBC's Game of the Week between the Pens and Caps yesterday afternoon.  It did not disappoint as top Russian superstars Ovechkin and Malkin each had 3 points a piece and the Pens won in OT.

Here's a look at the current standings heading into tonight's action:  (Go Pens!)

The Blue Jackets are indeed terrible and the worst team in the league!
This week is a tad different because it ends on Wednesday!  All-Star festivities begin Thursday night with the Player Draft and ends on Sunday at 4pm with the All-Star Game between Team Alfredsson and Team Chara.  You can catch all the NHL action for the All-Star games on the NBC Sports Network (formerly known as Versus).

On to the actual games!

Monday - 1/23
St. Louis @ Detroit 7:30 PM on NBC Sports Network
The Red Wings are the NHL's league leaders in terms of points and led by the league's top goalie in terms of wins in Jimmy Howard.  However, they take on their Central Division rival Blues for a battle for supremacy in the West.  This game should be extra physical.  Definitely one to check out!

Tuesday - 1/24
Boston @ Washington 7 PM
The Capitals are just trying to do whatever they can to stay afloat in the East.  Unfortunately they take on the defending champs and East leading Bruins.  Caps need to find an identity if they hope to bring down the dominant Bruins and big boy Zdeno Chara and stud goalie Tim Thomas.

Philadelphia @ Florida 7:30 PM
Florida is still 3rd in the East and the Flyers are 4th even though they have 7 more points than the Panthers!  Florida has to continue to prove it can hang with strong playoff contenders like Philly.  Claude Giroux of the Flyers is the player to watch.  He's having an MVP type season and is a game changer on any shift.

Nashville @ Chicago 8:30 PM
Only 4 points separate these two in the standings as they are #5 and #6 in the West.  Nashville is getting their hard hitting defenseman and team captain Shea Weber back.  Coupled with Pekka Rinne in goal.  Nashville is thinking of finishing strong.  Chicago is most likely without their captain Jonathan Toews who is going to miss the All-Star game due to injury.

Here's what the All-Star weekend is looking like:

On Thursday, Teams Chara and Alfredsson will pick their teams for Sunday.  It's actually pretty cool because it's like elementary school all over again!

On Saturday, check out the most skilled hockey players in the world do amazing things with a puck.  A great event is the slap shot blast.  Defending champ Chara is the hardest shot at over 106 MPH.  Check it out.

Then on Sunday is the big game on NBC Sports Network.  It's kind of fun to watch because the goalies don't try too hard so you see TONS of goals.  It's a blast.  Especially now since a lot of teammates will play each against each other and they are "mic'd" up.

Enjoy this week puck heads!