Thursday, November 22, 2012

Cavs Corner: Week 3 Round Up

Kyrie Irving's replacement Jeremy Pargo
Only three games to visit this past week after enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving afternoon with close friends and family.  There were some good things and unfortunately some very bad things happening...

Let's get it on!

Mark Cuban is a great owner, love to have him running my team!
Saturday vs Dallas Mavericks

  • Outcome:  Mavs 103 - Cavs 95
  • Recap: Only saw the end of the 3rd quarter and 4th quarter but I really thought the Cavs were gonna pull this one off.  Unfortunately, even without Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs found ways to make buckets at the end while the Cavs did not.
  • Overall:  Irving led all scorers with 26 but bruised his finger which X-rays initially showed as negative.  5 game losing streak never feels good.  They also continued their streak of allowing 100+ points on almost a nightly basis this season.

"Is this real life??"
Sunday at Philadelphia 76ers

  • Outcome:  76ers 86 - Cavs 79
  • Recap:  A game I did not see but an offensive afterthought.  Evan Turner led all scorers with 19 points as both teams struggled to make buckets.  It was good to see the Cavs give up less than 100 but a loss is a loss.  6 game losing streak hurts the soul.  Unless your Andrew Bynum (pictured above).  Stupid afro.  Hurt his non-already-injured knee bowling.  Glad the Cavs didn't jump on that train this past summer.
  • Overall:  Irving played one of his worst games not only of the season but of his short career.  Why?  Well it ends up he really did break his finger and will miss at least a month. Super Duper!

Just not convinced he's NBA stud material, good player, not #2 overall draft pick material

Wednesday vs Philadelphia 76ers (again!)

  • Outcome: Cavs 92 - 76ers 83
  • Recap:  Saw most of this game back home for Thanksgiving.  I was concerned because, well, Irving is out a while (probably 15+ games) and Jeremy Pargo was getting the start.  I did not expect anyone to step up.  Well I'm glad I was proven wrong.  Pargo led all scorers with a career high 28 points.  He hit so many big shots alongside Dion Waiters who pitched in 16 points and 6 assists to create a dynamic duo in the back court.  The Wild Thing was his usual self with 19 rebounds and CJ Miles played his best game as a Cav with 13 points.  Miles and Alonzo Gee were great from deep.
  • Overall:  Wow, where has this kind of production been?  With Irving and Gibson, the reserves REALLY stepped up.  Pargo was fantastic.  The 3 point shooting was great to see.  At any given point, Pargo, Waiters or Varejao just took over the game.


Well they went 1-2 but finished with a win to end the six game losing streak and will enter week four at 3-8 overall.  Obviously the big news is Irving is going to be out long term so hopefully the Cavs don't bury themselves.  However, a few months from now perhaps we'll be thankful they'll end up with a top 3 pick BOOM.  

The positives:  Jeremy Pargo and CJ Miles.  Back up signings this past offseason who have been counted on for bench production but hadn't delivered until Wednesday night.  Hopefully it's a sign of things to come.  Anderson Varejao is just a beast and should be considered an All-Star starter at this point.  What this injury does do is allow guys like Dion Waiters to step up.  Waiters showed many signs Wednesday night of what he is capable of doing.  He can beat anyone off the dribble (especially Evan Turner haha, he's so slow) and once he learns to finish better, he'll be great.  The injury also allows the bench to play quality minutes and hopefully begin to improve and build confidence.  Then when KI returns, we can build towards a more complete team.  

The negatives:  Consistency.  The 76ers win was just one win.  Was it encouraging? Yes.  Sustaining the momentum will be key this upcoming week.  Now on to the players.  I like all the player's effort.  There's no one on the team that's not trying.  However, Tristan Thompson is truly frustrating.  I understand he's barely 20 years old and is super raw but his lack of basketball IQ is a little alarming.  He gets bullied down low and stripped constantly.  His lack of offensive touch around the rim is just something you have to work at every single day.  I could go on for days but he's still super athletic and rebounds/play defense well.  


Cavs have the more typical four games this coming week.  Unfortunately only one of them is a home game.  They make a trip down south to take on Orlando Friday night, Miami Saturday night, and Memphis Monday night.  They come back home Tuesday evening to avenge a loss to Phoenix earlier this season when they blew a 26 point lead.  

Not knowing how the team will continue to play, I would like to see them go 2-2 with beating Orlando and Phoenix.  GET BUCKETS!

Check out Pargo's circus shot that made SportsCenter Top 10, yeehaw!