Sunday, November 25, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Browns defense (8 TO's) sparks rare win over rival Steelers

Phil Taylor #98, recovering a fumble, on the day,
the Browns D forced 8 turnovers in the win.
Recap: Browns force 8 turnovers, pick up rare win over rival Steelers

A rare 20-14 victory over Pittsburgh, but hopefully the first of many more wins over the Steelers in the near future. Now, I'll try not to step on anyones toes, as I recap this one. #dealwithit

Now, the last time I checked a 3rd string QB is still considered a professional NFL player am I right? Well, with that said, I'm pretty sure I don't see very many Pro Bowlers up in Cleveland, yet you don't see me saying anything about having to watch a bunch of 3rd-strings week in, week out. Let us enjoy this one, and stop whining about having to use your 3rd string QB. Injuries are a part of the game, and its not our problem Steelers fans, that you don't have a capable running back that can hold onto the ball.

The Offense:

Yeah, sure it would have be nice to score more then 20 points, when your defense forces eight turnovers, but they scored enough to come out on top in this one. Following the pick six on the first drive of the game, the Browns offense settled down, and finished off a couple of drives with touchdowns against the #1 defense in the NFL. Brandon Weeden again, struggled at times, made a couple nice throws down field, setting up Browns scores. Weeden, who did not finish the game due to suffering a concussion, completed 17 of 26 passes for 158 yards and one passing touchdown. Trent Richardson rushed for 85 yards on 29 carries and scored the go-ahead/winning touchdown in the 3rd quarter, following one of the Steelers eight turnovers on the day. It wasn't the prettiest of games for this unit, and they continue to struggle at times, but when you have a running back like T-Rich (who's probably not 100% healthy) and great kicker in Phil Dawson (two more FG's today) you can grind out wins in games like this one, especially when the D forces eight turnovers.

The Defense:

8 turnovers! Are you kidding, me. Like in the season opener vs. the Eagles, when the Browns D forced 5 TO's in that one, the Browns defense did an outstanding job, which is expected when you are going up against a 3rd string QB, right Steelers fans? The timing was perfect in the five fumbles strips and being able to recover all but one (the only one that wasn't bounced out of bounds). The D picked off QB Charlies Batch three times and pressured him on a couple of occasions in this one. When your defense can force an opponent into 8 turnovers, its expected that you win the game, (even if you are the Cleveland Browns) and thats what happened. Anytime you beat the Steelers, theres no reason you should say, yeah, but...

It's the NFL, injuries and turnovers are a part of the game, and in this one the Browns were able to take advantage of those two things, so sorry about your lose Steelers fans, but deal with it, and stop whining about having to use your 3rd string QB.