Sunday, November 18, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Browns fall to Cowboys, drop 12th straight road game

T-Rich had another stellar performance (144 total yards),
in 23-20 OT loss to the Cowboys.
Recap: Browns blow 13-point lead to Cowboys, lose in OT

I don't even know what to talk about or say. It's just been a very disappointing season, in which we weren't really expecting much from the Browns this season, but at the same time this teams record could look a lot better then the 2-8 mark they have at this point. This afternoon's game, a three-point overtime loss to the Dallas Cowboys, was the 5th loss decided by 7 points or less this season for the Browns. The other three losses were 10, 14, and 10 points. This teams been in ever single game they have played this season, but just lack the ability to make "winning plays" when it matters down the stretch. I know it sounds like a broken record, but this team doesn't know how to win and until that changes, don't expect many more W's in the near future. #fireshurmur

The Offense:

Ugh! Inconsistent in the play-calling, the execution, etc. The touchdown scoring drives are impressive, yet they come once in a blue moon. The Browns moved the ball on the Cowboys D for most of the 1st half, but instead of finishing off drives with touchdowns they settled for two Phil's FG's on three scoring drives in the opening half. The 1st touchdown drive capped by a nice pass and catch to TE Benjamin Watson, was nice to see, with a number of nice runs by T-Rich and some catches by the wideouts. However, a dropped ball by Watson on a following drive would have resulted in a 1st down, they had to settle for a FG. Then in the third quarter up 13-0, they absolutely did nothing to move the ball into scoring position. The 4th and 1 fade play in the final minutes was...umm, terrible. I mean give the receiver a chance to make the play, and/or at least CALL A BETTER PLAY. Then to get the ball back and score on the very first play of that final drive, was nice, but why couldn't it have been :07 left not 1:07 left in the game. In the end, T-Rich is a solid playmaker for this unit, but Weeden continues to be indecisive with his decision making and telegraphs his passes. Nothing to get excited about 13-0 knowing how inconsistent this unit can be.

The Defense:

Good News: 7 sacks on the Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Bad News: 12 penalties for over 120 yards, and the inability to stop the Cowboys on the final drive of regulation. The pressure on Romo was there all day and I thought the front-seven had a good game, stopping the running game. Yet the D was unable to force a interception and only forced one turnover (fumble by Romo) on the day. The amount of penalties by the secondary was ridiculous. I know they had a number of practice squad guys out there, but still no excuse not to be able to play your position better then what I witnessed today. Without Joe Haden out there, that secondary is just worthless, not much better with him, either. The front-seven can only do so much, this secondary is just pathetic. I mean 1:07 left, make a play, win the game. Two costly penalties on that final drive of regulation by the Browns D, doomed 'em in the end.

Next Week:
The Browns (2-8) move on from another heartbreaker when they host AFC North divisional foes the Pittsburgh Steelers (I hate 'em!), next Sunday, up in Cleveland. The Browns haven't beat the Steelers since December of 2009.