Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Boomer's Diamond/Gridiron Notes: Marlins Fire Sale 3.0 & Back-up QB's spotlight the NFL

Buehrie, Reyes, and Johnson, were all apart of the latest
fire sale by the Marlins franchise.
Where have I seen this before? Oh yeah, the Miami Marlins formerly known as the Florida Marlins, came into the 2012 MLB season with a fresh look, a new ballpark, and a number of big-name free agents to boost the roster, as well as the payroll down in South Beach Miami. Fast forward to the present, and following a 69-93 season, last-place finish in the NL East, the Marlins, once again have conducted their own personal fire sale. Like in years past ('98 & '04), following the teams '97 & '03 World Series Championships, the Marlins shipped away a number of core pieces of those championship runs. As of July, once this latest blockbuster trade is complete, that will make 12 MLB players, that the Marlins have traded away. 12! After one fired big-name manager (Ozzie), shipping away a number of the teams free agent signees, and one brand-new ballpark, the Marlins brass has once again fooled the people of South Beach. Things were suppose to be different, but after this weeks trade, the only difference in Miami is that Marlins have different looking uniform's, and a state of the art ballpark, filled with...empty seats (18th in attendance, 2012). In other news around the diamond...

As you can see, from my weekly blog post a week ago, I have guessed correctly on five of the six award winners so far, with the announcement of the AL & NL MVP awards tomorrow.

As a number of back-up quarterbacks face starting roles this
week, Tim Tebow is no where close to being one of them.
Several NFL teams this week will face having to start back-up QB's due to injured starting QB's. Leading to a number of back-up QB's having to take on the role of "don't screw this up". The Steelers, Bears, 49ers, and Eagles, each face the task of having to use a back-up QB to start for their teams this week. Big Ben is out in Pittsburgh with a shoulder/rib injury, insert a poor-mans version, with back-up QB Byron Leftwich, who hasn't started a game since 2009. The Steelers Week 11 opponent, the Ravens on SNF. The Bears will probably have go with Jason Campbell to replace starter Jay Cutler, who suffered a concussion vs. the Texans on SNF last week. The Bears, have a critical NFC match-up in San Francisco vs. the 49ers on MNF. The 49ers, also could be without starting QB Alex Smith (concussion) and will have to go with back-up Colin Kaepernick, who has seen a good amount of playing time thus far this season. It's still uncertain if the Bears and 49ers will have their starting QB's back for the Monday Night showdown. Another team starting a back-up QB, the Eagles will go with rookie QB Nick Foles, who will be filling in for Michael Vick, who suffered a concussion vs. the Cowboys last week. I do know of one back-up QB who doesn't have to worry about starting anytime soon, the Jets Tim Tebow. As reports came out today with current Jets players bashing the back-up, with even one unnamed player coming out and saying, "he's terrible". Overall, to win in the NFL you sometimes have to rely on a back-up QB to come in and lead the team to victory or two (i.e. Tom Brady, back in the day). NFL Power Rankings: Week 11

Games to keep an eye on in Week 11: (Complete Week 11 Schedule)
Cleveland at Dallas, In a game in which the Cowboys should win, the Browns, who are fresh off their Bye Week look to spring an upset down in Jerry's World.
Green Bay at Detroit, The last time these two teams squared off, was Week 17 a season ago, in a 45-41 shootout with the Packers coming out with the victory. With division/playoff implications on the line in this one, look for another high-scoring affair.
San Diego at Denver, The Broncos could basically wrap up the AFC West with a victory, and a season sweep over the Chargers. As the Bolts still try to recover from blowing a 24-point halftime lead back in Week 6 on MNF vs. the Broncos in San Diego.
Indianapolis at New England, Luck vs. Brady. Two 6-3 teams, as one team looks to continue to ride the emotions of a surprising season, while the other is out to prove, they are still the team to beat in the AFC.
Baltimore at Pittsburgh, With Big Ben out, the Ravens look to win on the road vs. the Steelers and take control of the AFC North. The two teams I hate more then any other teams in the NFL, its always a good one to watch, especially on SNF.
Chicago at San Francisco, With uncertainty at the starting quarterback position, these two teams go at it on MNF, with a potential NFC first-round playoff bye on the line.