Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boomer's Slam Dunk: 2012 NBA Finals Preview

Ohhh...This is going to be good!

2012 NBA Finals (Best of 7 Series)
Eastern Conf. Champs Miami Heat vs. Western Conf. Champs Oklahoma City Thunder

LeBron vs. Durant, MVP vs. Runner-Up, Both in their prime...wow, this is going to be a great NBA Finals with a individual matchup for the ages and maybe for years to come...we'll see. Here's how both teams got to this point. Well, the Thunder have taken down the three giants of the West (Mavs, Lakers, and Spurs), the only three teams to make it to the NBA Finals out of the West since Malone/Stockton (Utah Jazz) ruled the West. As for the Miami Heat, they are back for the second straight year, after beating the Knicks (in five), the Pacers (in six), and the Celtics (in seven). After falling in the NBA Finals a year ago (4-2 to the Dallas Mavs), the Heat will be out for some redemption this time around, translation "as far as LeBron can take them". This is a great matchup with each team sporting a Big 3 (Heat: James, Wade, Bosh; Thunder: Durant, Westbrook, Harden), how each teams Big 3 plays, will go a long way in determining which team wins this series. Chris Bosh looks like he is back to his norm after sitting out the majority of the last two series, and will be counted on to drag the Thunder big's out of the paint so James and Wade can drive to the basket. Durant and Westbrook are fun to watch play together, as I haven't seen anyone as fast as Westbrook get to the hoop, like he does and Durant is just a overall fun player to watch play the game of basketball. In the end, I like the Thunder's bench just a little more then the Heat's with James Harden, the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year, chipping in 15-20 ppg., I think Harden either way will be the difference in this matchup. Regardless, its all about LeBron falling short once again #faillebron, and unless he can put the team on his back and play all FOUR quarters this time around in the NBA Finals, I like the Thunder winning their first NBA Championship and second in franchise history (1979 Seattle Super Sonics). 
Prediction: Thunder in Six

Series Game by Game
Game 1: Tonight in OKC (9 PM ABC)
Game 2: Thursday in OKC (9 PM ABC)
Game 3: Sunday in Miami (8 PM ABC)
Game 4: June 19th in Miami (9 PM ABC)
Game 5: June 21st in Miami (9 PM ABC) *if needed*
Game 6: June 24th in OKC (8 PM ABC) *if needed*
Game 7: June 26th in OKC (9 PM ABC) *if needed*