Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: All-Star Game Ballot

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Just a short three weeks away, the 2012 MLB season will hit the mid-way point, and the Kansas City Royals will host the 2012 All-Star Game. Now, I'm not going to get too in-depth on the game in today's post, but I just wanted to inform you on the up-to-date voting totals (players voted on by the fans) and remind you to cast your vote, for the chance to see your favorite players take on each other in the Midsummer Classic.

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National League All-Star voting Totals
American League All-Star voting Totals

1. NY Yankees 41-25, 10-game win streak, this team loves Interleague play (11-2, so far this season).
2. Baltimore Orioles 39-28, hats off to the O's, 7-3 last 10 games, still around the top of the AL East.
3. Tampa Bay Rays 37-29, falling off pace a little, just .500 so far in Interleague play so far.
4. Toronto Blue Jays 34-33, Jose Bautista 20 HR's and Edwin Encarnacion 18 HR's, 4 & 5 in the AL.
5. Boston Red Sox 33-33, at this point, you got to think the Bobby V experience has been a bust.

1. Chicago White Sox 35-32, 3-7 last 10 games & two straight L's, +27 run diff. (best AL Central).
2. Cleveland Indians 34-32, 1/2 game back still, but just 5-8 in Interleague play this season so far.
3. Detroit Tigers 32-34, the hottest team in the division (7-3) last 10, just 2.5 games back at this point.
4. Kansas City Royals 29-36, 7-games below .500, are just five games back of the division lead.
5. Minnesota Twins 26-39, with a -74 run diff. the Twins are tied with the Padres for the worst in ML.

1. Texas Rangers 41-27, winners of 4 straight and 8-2 (last 10), have a +88 run diff. (best in ML).
2. LA Angels 36-32, the halos have identical records of 18-16 at home and away, fun fact.
3. Oakland A's 31-36, 6-6 in Interleague play, are in the mist of playing 9-striaght games in California.
4. Seattle Mariners 29-40, 3-7 (last 10) are the first AL team to hit the 40 L's mark, not good.

American League Standings

1. Washington Nationals 38-26, swept over the weekend by Yankees in D.C., 4-game lead in division.
2. NY Mets 36-32, R.A. Dickey has put up a great case to be the NL starting pitcher at the ASG.
3. Atlanta Braves 35-32, lost 3 straight and 3-7 (last 10), are 4th in the NL in runs scored (300).
4. Miami Marlins 33-33, 2-8 (last 10) have you had a chance to check out Marlins Park yet?
5. Philadelphia Phillies 31-37, 3-7 (last 10), lead the Major Leagues in attendance so far this season.

1. Cincinnati Reds 38-28, back-to-back series sweeps vs. Indians & at Mets last week, playing well.
2. Pittsburgh Pirates 34-31, 222 runs scored, the Buccos are last in the ML, yet just 3.5 games back.
3. St. Louis Cardinals 34-33, 4.5 games back, the Cardinals are hanging around 5-5 (last 10).
4. Milwaukee Brewers 31-36, what a year makes at this point last season, Brew Crew were 40-33.
5. Houston Astros 28-39, thanks to the Cubbies the Astros avoid last place in the NL Central.
6. Chicago Cubs 23-44, the worst team in the Major Leagues, 4-6 (last 10).

1. LA Dodgers 42-25, .5 game lead over the Yankees for the best record in the ML, 24-12 at home.
2. SF Giants 38-30, if the Giants can find some bats to go along with the pitching, look out.
3. Arizona Diamondbacks 33-34, at this point last season the D'Backs were rolling 39-34.
4. Colorado Rockies 25-40, 1-9 (last 10) and its still two months still Football Season.
5. San Diego Padres 24-44, as a Padres fan what do you have to look forward to down the road?

National League Standings