Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: Interleague Action and Happy Father's Day

It's like a World Series preview in mid-June.
Introduced back in 1997, Interleague play brings the two leagues AL/NL together for some very interesting/unique games around this point of the season. The classic Subway Series (Mets-Yankees), Battle of Ohio (Reds-Indians) which for me is a tough 6-game stretch to watch, the the two LA teams (Dodgers-Angels), the Bay Area Series (Oakland-San Francisco) and many more intriguing series to watch and enjoy. Starting next season, the Houston Astros will make the move to the American League, evening up both leagues at 15 teams apiece and extending Interleague play throughout the 162-game season. Since 1997, the American League has dominated Interleague play, accumulating more wins then the National League in 11 of the 15 seasons so far (As of play today the AL is up 48-40, this season).

June 17th. Father's Day 2012. I'm sure for most of you, a lot of your childhood memories are ones that included your Dad. I know my dad and I had plenty of late summer nights out at the ballpark working on either my fielding, throwing, or batting. My father is the reason, I have such a passion/love for sports and I enjoy (there is nothing like it, haha) sitting on the couch together and watching a sporting event. Make sure on Sunday you let your Dad(s) know how much they have meant to you and take the time to watch a ballgame or go play catch out in the backyard with them, I'm sure they would appreciate that a great deal.

1) Tampa Bay Rays: 35-25, Riding a 4-game win streak, do they have enough bats to hold off the Yankees.
2) New York Yankees: 35-25, They too are on a 4-game win streak (8-2 Last 10), do they have enough pitching to outlast the Rays in this division.
3) Baltimore Orioles: 34-26, still hanging around whens the clock strike 12 on this teams season?
4) Toronto Blue Jays: 31-30, will the Jays have a summer to remember, or just another 3rd/4th place finish?
5) Boston Red Sox: 29-32, after getting swept by the Nationals (in Boston) over the weekend, is there any life left in this clubhouse (6.5 games behind on June 12).

1) Chicago White Sox: 33-27, still the only team in the division with a positive run difference (+35), are just 5-5 in last 10 games.
2) Cleveland Indians: 32-27, critical upcoming week, 3 in Cincinnati and 3 vs. the Pittsburgh Pirates.
3) Detroit Tigers: 28-32, getting back to the .500 mark is the first step, just 5 games back as of today.
4) Kansas City Royals: 24-34, swepts over the weekend in Pittsburgh, the Royals have lost 4 straight, and still the only team with single digit W's at home (8-20). Their just happy the All-Star Festivals are at their place this year.
5) Minnesota Twins: 24-35, 7-3 in their last 10, the Twins were showing some sort of promise, lately.

1) Texas Rangers: 35-26, 4-6 in the month of June, the Rangers lead out West is just 2.5 games right now.
2) LA Angels: 33-29, winners of 4 straight and 7 out of 10, the Angels are now looking like the team everyone had predicted would be at the beginning of the season.
3) Seattle Mariners: 27-35, the M's are just trying to stay above the A's out in the AL West.
4) Oakland A's: 26-35, the A's are just trying to catch the M's and avoid last place.

American League Standings

1) Washington Nationals: 36-23, A 4-game win streak, has giving the Nats a 3-game lead in the NL East.
2) Atlanta Braves: 34-27, 20 road W's so far this season, the most of any other NL team at this point.
3) New York Mets: 32-29, the Subway Series sweep against the Yankees, was a blow to this team, now 5 games back of the 1st place Nationals.
4) Miami Marlins: 32-29, streaky team so far this season, on a downward trend right now (3-7 last 10).
5) Philadelphia Phillies: 29-33, show of hands...who had the Phillies 8.5 games back on June 12?

1) Pittsburgh Pirates: 32-27, this team learns how to score some runs (191, Last in MLB) they might actually have something going on, winners of 4 straight and 8-2 in their last 10 games.
2) Cincinnati Reds: 32-27, disappointing weekend series against the Tigers, the Reds need a bounce back week with 3 vs. the Indians and 3 up in NY vs. the Mets.
3) St. Louis Cardinals: 31-30, hanging around just two-games back of the top two teams.
4) Milwaukee Brewers: 28-32, getting back to .500 is the first step, but lookout for the Brew Crew, just 4.5 games behind 1st place.
5) Houston Astros: 26-34, a 8-20 road record has this team where they are at this point of the season.
6) Chicago Cubs: 20-40, What would baseball be like, if the Cubbies were relative again?

1) LA Dodgers: 39-23, +50 run differences (2nd in the NL), the Dodgers have the best home record in baseball (21-10).
2) SF Giants: 34-27, this team just struggles to score runs on a consistent basics, shutout in 2 of their last 3 games.
3) Arizona Diamondbacks: 30-30, winners of 5 straight and 8-2 in their last 10 games, are the D-Backs in for a HOT summer?
4) Colorado Rockies: 24-35, losers of 5 straight, fans are looking forward to seeing Peyton Manning at Broncos Training Camp.
5) San Diego Padres: 20-41, the worst team record wise in the Major Leagues. Period.

National League Standings