Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Boomer's Diamond Notes: Batting Avg., HR's, RBI's, etc.

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As of the start of play on June 5th, here are your leaders in the Triple Crown Stats:

AL Avg.                                            NL Avg.
Paul Konerko .366                            Melky Cabrera .364
Josh Hamilton .348                           David Wright .361
Derek Jeter .336                                Joey Votto .346

AL HR's                                            NL HR's
Josh Hamilton 21                               Carlos Beltran 15
Adam Dunn 17                                  Carlos Gonzalez 14
Edwin Encarncion 17                        Ryan Braun 14
Curtis Granderson 17

AL RBI's                                           NL RBI's
Josh Hamilton 57                               Andre Ethier 46
Miguel Cabrera 44                             Carlos Gonzalez 45
Edwin Encarncion 43                        Carlos Beltran 42

Tampa Bay Rays 31-23: Took 2 out of 3 vs. Orioles over the weekend, 1st place by themselves, for now.
Baltimore Orioles: 30-24: 2-8 Last 10 games, is this the beginning of the end of the Orioles 2012 season.
New York Yankees: 29-24: hanging around lets see what the month of June has in store for the Yank's.
Toronto Blue Jays: 28-26: 4th place a common place for the Jays in this East Division. 
Boston Red Sox: 28-26: Like the Yankees, will the Red Sox have a hot June and get things going?

Chicago White Sox 31-21: Winners of their past 9 out of 10, a surprise team at this point of the season.
Cleveland Indians 28-25: Losing home series to Royals/Twins not good, huge series @ Detroit.
Detroit Tigers 25-29: 3-game series vs. the Indians and 3-game series this weekend in Cincinnati.
Kansas City Royals 23-30: Just about a month or so out from the All-Star Game, 7-19 at home.
Minnesota Twins 21-33: Winners of 3 straight and 6-4 last 10, are the Twins turning it around?

Texas Rangers 32-23 .500 ball the past week, they have allowed the Angels into the West Race.
LA Angels 28-28: At the .500 mark, 7-3 last 10 just 4.5 back after a very slow start.
Seattle Mariners 25-32: This team is very inconsistent with scoring 8, 10 one night 2, 3 the next night.
Oakland A's: 24-31: Lost 8 out of 10, this team just counting the days till their new stadium.

Washington Nationals 30-22: Still hanging around at the top, can they sustain it during the summer?
Miami Marlins 31-23: 7-3 last 10 games, Marlins find themselves tied atop the division with the Nats.
NY Mets 31-24: The Mets put on a pitching clinic this past weekend vs. the Cardinals (Santana's No-No).
Atlanta Braves 29-25: The Braves have a better road record (17-14) then home record (12-11).
Philadelphia Phillies 28-28: Will win this division with more days in last place then first place, watch.

Cincinnati Reds 30-23: HUGE, 3-game series this week vs. the Pirates, a little payback is in store.
Pittsburgh Pirates 27-26: A game above .500, are the Pirates finally ready to have a winning season?
St. Louis Cardinals 28-27: 3-7 last 10 games, Cardinals have cooled off a bit, due to a # of injuries.
Milwaukee Brewers 24-30: Well, the Brew Crew is consistent 12-15 at home and on the road.
Houston Astros 23-31: Losers of 8 of their last 10 games, Astros are in for a long summer, possibly?!?
Chicago Cubs 18-36: Northsiders start countdown the days will NW Wildcat football.

LA Dodgers 34-21: Dodgers have come back to earth a little (4-6 last ten games), lead cut to 3 games.
SF Giants 31-24: The Giants have the pitching to catch the Dodgers, but can they score enough runs.
Arizona D'Backs 25-30: Injuries have hurt the Diamondbacks chances so far this season.
Colorado Rockies 24-30: 2 straight and 7-3 last 10, if only Peyton could pitch for them every 5th day.
San Diego Padres 18-37: Battling the Cubbies for the worst record in the MLB.

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