Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chud Nation: NFL Scouting Combine & Weeden's confidence

The drills and interviews wrap up today over in Indy, for
 NFL Scouting Combine 2013.
A brand-new feature here on The Rock, called "Chud Nation". Named after the Browns newest Head Coach, hometown boy Rob Chudzinki, who Browns fans are hoping is the guy finally to turn things around up in Believeland, and not another name on the office door for the next two to three years. Topics that will be discussed under this new banner will include PLENTY of Browns notes/news, as well as, stuff that interest me across the NFL at the current time. First up, the NFL Scouting Combine.

NFL News & Notes:

Like if the past three to four years were not enough to put together a great football playing portfolio, for the current NFL Draft prospects, the NFL ships 'em to Indy for a weekend of drills and interviews. The 2013 NFL Scouting Combine wraps up today, with the focus being defensive back's. Over the weekend, potential draftee's from big-name All-American's to that diamond in the rough MAC player, are put in a number of skilled drills, in front of all the NFL scouts, etc. Drills, include, the 40-yard dash, the standing vertical leap, bench press, and a couple football-related things. Along with that, they also interview with NFL executive's and GM's, answering all sorts of questions for example, "Who is your daddy and what does he do?"

If you are unfortunate to have a poor scouting combine or didn't attend at all (due to injury), second chances for players usually occur, during their university's Pro Day. At this time, players magically turn that sub-par 40-yard dash combine time, into a blazing fast 4.something, as they feel more comfortable running in and out of the drills at the facilities they have been at for the past three to four years. With the Pro Day on top of the busy weekend over in Indy, where the NFL dresses players up like their personal puppets, NFL team's get a pretty good idea of which players they want, and which one's to avoid.

This years NFL Draft, is heavy with defensive talent, especially in the 1st round. Team's will probably look to load up on defensive specialist, as this year's draft is weak in regards to offensive talent (there's no Luck or RG3, thats for sure), unless you are in desperate need of a offensive weapon. A very weak draft with the QB position, as potentially the first round could go on without a QB drafted, which would be unheard of, as the QB position is the most important position, in terms of building a team around in the NFL. The thing is the talent just isn't that good this year, unlike the past, as the four overall #1 picks since 2009, all where signal caller's. It's a safe bet to say that streak won't extend to a fifth year in-a-row.

Free Agency begins in two weeks, more on FA will be discussed during the upcoming weeks, leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft (April 25-27).

Browns News & Notes:

  • You can't blame the kid's (he's not really a kid anymore, at age 29) for being confident in his abilities as a QB. As the Browns head towards the 2013 season, the biggest question/concern will be how much Brandon Weeden improves from his 1st-year to 2nd-year, as the Browns signal-caller. After a rookie campaign, that had more villages then peaks, huge strides of improvement are expected (hoped for). In 2013, I can't imagine things getting any worse i.e. "Sophomore slump" for Weeden at the QB position for the Browns, as it looks like he most likely will be back as the QB #1 up in Cleveland, this fall.
  • Adding to the first post, the Browns off-season moves, have shown no sign, that the franchise will go out and pick-up another QB, to add to the long list of failed projects dating all the way back to 1999. As of now, heading into off-season camps, training camp, etc. it's a two-man race, between Weeden & back-up QB Colt McCoy. The most important position in the NFL is the QB, and it looks like the Browns brass, will roll once again on the hopes of either Weeden or McCoy being able to run the new coaching staff's (Head Coach Chud & OC Norv Turner) offense consistently AND effectively. Fingers-crossed 'till September.
Topics that will be discussed in the upcoming week's are the following: Browns chances in free agency of landing a #1 WR, much more on the 2013 NFL Draft included mock drafts (maybe a personally one or two?!?), and position needs for the Browns roster over the off-season. 

It's time to start winning football games (more then 4 or 5 per/season) up in Cleveland, from this life-long Browns fan (Hey! I had no choice, I was born/raised up to cheer for the Orange&Brown). Since the return of the team to the NFL in 1999,  it's been nothing short of a disappointment, as I have watched other failing organizations over the years, been able to turn things around, and put a respectable/competitive team on the field. I start to wonder why (or when) the Cleveland Browns haven't (can't) done (do) the same thing.