Monday, October 8, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Browns unable to keep up with Giants, lose 41 to 27

After going up 14 to 0, Browns were unable to keep pace with Eli & Co.
Recap: Browns give up career games in lose to Giants, 41-27

Well, it was fun while it lasted. With leads of 14-0 & 17-7, the Cleveland Browns allowed 17 points in the final three minutes of the 1st half to the Giants, eventually losing 41 to 27, and dropping to 0-5 on the season. With the Saints win over the Chargers last night on SNF, the Browns are the only remaining winless team in the NFL this season (not surprised). Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, haha) I was not able to watch the game, as Time Warner Cable went with the Dolphins/Bengals game at the 1PM time slot on CBS. Not uncommon at this point, that Channel 10 starts showing Bengals games over dreadful Browns performances. However, within the first five minutes of yesterday's game, the Browns built a 14-0 lead, and looked prime for the upset everyone was calling for. At this point, Browns Head Coach Pat Shurmur gathered the team together for a team photo in front of the scoreboard that read; Browns 14, Giants 0. Ok, that didn't happen obviously, and after the Browns went up 17 to 7, it was all down hill from there. Giving up career games to Giants WR Victor Cruz (career-high 3 receiving TD's) & RB  Ahmad Bradshaw (200 rushing yards) the Browns were unable to keep pace with the high-powered Giants offense, getting outscored 41 to 13, after building the two touchdown lead. #fireshurmur


Hey, Brandon Weeden you are suppose to throw to the guys with the same color jersey as you. Ok, I wasn't sure if you knew that or not. After a quick start by Weeden & Co., the Browns offense was unable to put up enough points and "winning plays" to pull off the upset vs. the Giants on the road yesterday. Trent Richardson again had another stellar performance with 127 yards of total offense and a score. With a couple WR's out this game, rookie WR Josh Gordon had a career-game with two TD catches and 82 yards receiving. However, the Browns again were plagued by two costly INT's by Weeden, that really changed the outcome of this one. Weeden continues to rack up the passing yards, while at the same time racking up INT's. The interceptions seem/have come in critical points of the ballgames, and have shown that even going on the age of 29, that Weeden is a rookie QB in the NFL. The 27 points tied a season-high, but if the Browns want to win AT LEAST one game this season, Weeden along with the rest of the offensive unit are going to have to come up with more "winning" plays". Ahh.....


.....Ahhhhh, another pathetic showing from the Hadenless defensive backfield. I mean, every single touchdown pass thrown by Eli yesterday, the DB was a good 5-7 yards off the WR racing to catch up. What's up with that? For the offense to come out and put up a quick 14 points, it was disappointing to see the defense play the way they did. Giving up the 17 points at the end of the 1st half was just a backbreaker for this unit. The Giants continued to move the ball on them in the 2nd half, accounting for 502 total yards on the afternoon. Just like the offense this unit can never make a "winning play or two" and without those "winning plays" you see what happens. At 0-5, the Browns defense will be getting back Joe Haden in the defensive backfield this week, after being without him the past four games due to his suspension for a failed drug test. Will Haden really make a difference? Probably not...

This Week:
...Which leads me to my next point. The Browns (0-5) host the Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) this upcoming week up in Cleveland. The Bengals falling at home to the Miami Dolphins (2-3) yesterday, 17 to 13, beat the Browns, back in Week 2, 34 to 27 in Cincinnati.