Monday, October 22, 2012

Boomer's Game Recap: Browns fall to Colts, lose 11th straight on the road

Browns give up two RUSHING touchdowns by Colts QB Andrew Luck
in 17-13 loss, their 11th straight road defeat.
Recap: Browns let one (again) slip away, in 17-13 lost to Colts

Youth, inexperience, inconsistent, lack of the "winning plays" are becoming common trends for the 2012 Cleveland Browns team that after following Sunday's 17-13 defeat to the Indianapolis Colts, fall to 1-6 on the season. Again, like every game previously, the Browns find themselves in position to win the game in the 4th quarter, but where once again unable to come up with a number of "winning plays" to pull off the road victory, which would have been their 1st since beating the Colts in Indy a season again. Seven games in, this team could find themselves sitting at 3-4 or 4-3 in the AFC North Standings, if they were just able play a little more consistent and have a little luck on their side. It's the little things during the game (failed PAT's, dropped balls, & a number of penalties) that end up costing you in the end, and for the past few seasons the Browns continue to find themselves in the same spot, playing well enough not to win, haha. Excuse me, Coach Shurmur, when it's 4th and 1 on the Colts 40 yard line, can you go for it next time, instead of punting for a difference of 20 yards!?! #fireshurmur


What a bunch of sissy's up front, for this Browns offensive attack. The Colts, who were allowing close to 160 rushing yards/per game coming into this one, the Browns were able to manage just 55 yards on 17 rushing attempts (3.2 ypa). A number of rushing plays, the running back was getting hit either behind the line of scrimmage or right at it. In the NFL, you have to establish the running game to open up the passing, and the Browns have been unable to do that at all this season. Trent Richardson tried to give it a go in this one, but after rushing for 8 yards on 8 carries, sat out after the 1st quarter or so. Brandon Weeden again looks to be improving, with another 264 passing yards & two TD's, and probably would have had an even better game, if not for some inaccurate passes & dropped balls (most notability, a 4th quarter TD pass by Josh Gordon in the end zone). In the end, 13 points are not going to win you very many games in the NFL, and while this unit continues to improve a bit, their lack of scoring continues to be a issue, with this game being the 4th game this season that the Browns have failed to at least score 17 points. You knew that failed PAT attempt would come back to haunt the Browns as their were in field goal range "Dawson territory" twice in the 4th quarter, but with the four-point deficit, a FG would not be enough.


The 1st two Colts drives set the tone of this game. The first being the first series of the game, a 11 play, 80 yard, 7:37 TOP capped off by a Andrew Luck rushing TD. Any defensive adjustments? Nope, that drive was followed up with a 14 play, 76 yard, 6:20 TOP capped off guessed it another Andrew Luck RUSHING TD. I mean, come on, a rushing touchdown by the QB it happens, but to allow TWO rushing scores to the quarterback, now that just ain't gonna fly. It's 11 v. 11 out there and you're telling me theres not someone out there that you tell, "wherever the QB goes, you go". The inability to get off the field, really was the issue for the Browns defense. The Colts then started the 2nd half with a 17 play, 61 yard, 8:34 TOP drive that ended with a field goal. However, after that drive, the Colts punted on their next four of five drives, and turned the ball over on the other drive, but the damage had already been done, as 17 points would be enough for the Colts to win this one.

Next Week:
The Browns (1-6) host the San Diego Chargers (3-3) up in Cleveland this upcoming week. The Chargers are coming off a bye week, and are still trying to figure out how they let one slip away two weeks ago to the Broncos on MNF, following a 24-0 lead at halftime (lost 35 to 24).